A Spring Training Tradition

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Winter at CitiField Greetings once again, NL Easters.  ProfessorMet here, awaking from my winter hibernation to get ready for the return of baseball.  Actually, I’m shoveling snow in my driveway.

Right now we enter what I’ve always referred to as the “February Lull” in sports.  Congrats to the Saints, but the Superbowl is now over and so is the NFL season.  College fans have seen Signing Day come and go.  College Basketball is heating up, but we’re still 6 weeks away from March Madness.  If you like hockey or NBA action, your seasons are in full swing.  But, everyone knows that the regular season in those sports is a drag, at least until the playoffs get close (and we’re still months away from that!).

If you’re a baseball lover like me, you’ve noticed the photos of your favorite team’s truck headed south, carrying bats, balls and helmets to their Spring Training destinations.  In fact, pitchers and catchers start reporting on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Baseball is near!

But alas, actual spring training games are still weeks away.  And freezing our tails off to catch April baseball seems to be years away, even though it’s really only 7 weeks from now.

So I’m asking NL East Nation to speak up and share your spring training tradition.  Do you start jogging to get back in shape; a “spring training” of your own?  Do you ignore baseball’s pending return until the real thing comes back on April 4?  My own personal tradition is to enjoy the cold winter days watching the best baseball movies.  Our favorite sport has a long tradition of excellence on the silver screen, so what’s your favorite?  Here are my top baseball movies:

ProfessorMet’s Top 10 Baseball Movies

1. Major League

2. For the Love of the Game

3. Bull Durham

4.  Field of Dreams

5. The Natural

6.  The Rookie

7.  8 Men Out

8.  61

9. Fever Pitch

10.  Major League 2

Honorable Mentions:  A League of their Own, Mr. 3000, Summer Catch, Hustle

By the way, I think For Love of the Game is one of the best date movies.  A love story wrapped up in a sports flick.   Some may not like Major League 2 that much, with it’s fake Wesley Snipes, but I like it (“I made the rooster!”).  Don’t bother with Major League 3: Back to the Minors.

For your own baseball fix, check out this list of best baseball movies, or a more exhaustive list here.

Disagree with my top ten?  Have your own favorite baseball movies?  Have a Spring Training tradition of your own?  Bring it.  As always, comments are welcome.