Chatter Up! Mets Vs Marlins 6/28-6/30

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Welcome to another edition of Chatter Up! For each Divisional Match Up we ask 5 questions to affiliate bloggers concerning their respective team. This week we will be featuring questions concerning the Mid-Week division Match Up between the Florida Marlins and New York Mets.

Answering our questions concerning the New York Mets this week we have James Figueroa of TheRealDirtyMetsBlog…

Mets Logo

Q- With Ruben Tejada’s recent success both offensively and defensively, do you see him staying with the club when Luis Castillo is ready to return from injury?

A- Tejada is in a tough spot. No matter what Tejada does, since he has options to go down to the minors, he will go down when Castillo comes back. It’s a shame because that kid has earned a spot here. If Cora’s option doesn’t vest, Tejada is back up here full time next year.

Q- Would you like to see the Mets go out and make a big splash for the Likes of a Cliff Lee or Oswalt or look to hold onto their core young talent and go after a Ted Lilly or Kevin Millwood?

A- Well, let me start by saying I would love for the Mets to get Cliff Lee. I think a guy like Lee would give the Mets the most formidable rotation in the east if not the NL. I think Lee could be had while still holding on to core young talent. It all depends on the Mariners at this point. What kind of package would they accept? What are they looking for? Stuff like that. Oswalt is another guy that won’t cost a lot in prospects since he has a monster contract but the Astros farm is barren, so that is going to be an interesting game with Houston. Lilly or Millwood would be a good option but the Mets are in a position that they can acquire a top tier pitcher like Lee or Oswalt; I would like to see them go after those two before settling for Lilly or Millwood.

Q- What do you feel is the biggest reason the Mets are playing so well at home this season?

A- They finally learned the advantages of their home field. I figured they would struggle their first year in a new ballpark, it isn’t much of a home field advantage if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage. I think with a year under their belts, they know where to hit the ball and how to hit the ball in Citifield…something visiting teams that doesn’t play here often won’t know how to do.

Q- Are you concerned about Johan Santana’s recent struggles or do you feel he will return to becoming the Old Second Half Johan come July?

A- Johan has always been a better second half pitcher, his stats reflect that. What is concerning is reports that quote Santana as not being completely healed from his surgery. Santana is still an Ace in my opinion but just doesn’t mix and match his pitches that much anymore. There isn’t much of a differential between his fastball and change to keep hitters off balance. He needs to mix in his slider more and perhaps learn another pitch to make the loss in velocity not stand out as much and keep the change up a very good weapon. I think Santana will be just fine but I’m sure I’m speaking for myself.

Q- Do you think the Mets can survive with their bull pen as stands or do you think it will be necessary to add another middle reliever?

A- I think bullpens are a crap shoot. I think the Mets have the pieces to survive a 162 schedule. For the first month or two, we were the best bullpen in the majors. It is hard for me to believe their recent struggles cannot be attributed to fatigue and injuries. If Valdez and Igarashi can get healthy while Nieve gets some rest, they can have a decent bullpen. A lot of people overlook how good Feliciano and k rod have been, not to mention Dessens. The bullpen is more or less like every bullpen in the majors, some good days and some bad.

Answering our questions concerning the Florida Marlins we have Chris Towers from the blog FishGuts…

Marlins LogoQ- How is the Team handling the firing of their Manager?

A- The players seemed a bit stunned by the news at first, but there hasn’t been much public grumbling among them. You’d think they’d want to get everything sorted out as soon as possible to avoid potential distractions, though. The longer this drags out, the worst it will be.

Q- Are people speculating Hanley Ramirez had something to do with the firing?

A- There has been nothing said about that, and to Hanley’s credit, he came out and said Fredi would be missed. He hasn’t taken any shots at Fredi as he’s leaving. I don’t think he’ll miss him, but there’s an outside chance Hanley was actually starting to respect Fredi.

Q- What has been the biggest cause for the recent struggles of the Marlins?

A- The bullpen cannot hold a lead and the offense has been terribly inconsistent, particular the guys who are supposed to be the run producers. Jorge Cantu and Dan Uggla are slumping big time, and Cody Ross and Mike Stanton are both struggling too.

Q- What are your early impressions of Mike Stanton?

A- He looks like a 20 year old at the major league level should. He’s overmatched and he can’t catch up right now. He’s looked very bad, but nobody is panicking. He’s 20, struggles are to be expected. Everyone knew he would strike out a lot, but he’s bound to make some changes and at least find the power stroke.

Q- What exactly is getting in the middle of the Bobby Valentine hiring?

A- Sounds like Bobby wants an assurance from the team that they will be buyers at the deadline and will add payroll heading into the 2011 season, and this is the holdup.
I would expect it to get done, but Loria is going to have to make concessions if he wants to get his guy, and frankly, spending the season before the stadium is a smart move anyways. Fans want to see them compete right away to stay excited.

What’s on Tap 6-30-2010

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Wednesday’s match ups:

Phillies vs. Reds

Roy Halladay (9-6, 2.29) and the Phillies close out their series with the Reds this afternoon. Aaron Harang (6-7, 5.07) gets the start for Cincinnati. Game time is 12:35 p.m. in Cincinnati.

Braves vs. Nationals

Jair Jurrjens (0-3, 6.38) and the Braves face J.D. Martin (0-3, 3.03) and the Nationals. First pitch is 7:10 p.m. in Atlanta.

Marlins vs. Mets

The Marlins send Chris Volstad (4-7, 4.40) to the mound in the series finale with the Mets. Mike Pelfrey (10-2, 2.71) starts for the Mets. Game time is 7:10 p.m. in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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Nationals Vs Braves

craig-stammen-threeWashington ended their 5 game losing streak on Tuesday against the Braves with a 7-2 victory.

The Nationals bats finally came to life against Braves starter Derek Lowe as they knocked him out of the game after 5.2 and getting 4 runs off of him. Nyjer Morgan got things going with an RBI single to drive home Christian Guzman before Ryan Zimmerman drove in 2 more with a double.

Josh Willingham added a 2 run homer in the 7th to tack onto their lead that would be plenty of offense for Craig Stammen. Stammen, was pitching for the first time since being sent down to clear room for Strasburgh to be called up a few weeks ago. He went out and proved to the Nationals he deserves to be on the Big League team, Stammen threw 7.1 innings allowing 1 run on 5 hits with 4 strikeouts earning his second win of the year.

Mets Vs Marlins

Uggla comes through

Uggla comes through

The Mets and Marlins continued their series in Puerto Rico on Tuesday and once again the Marlins got the best of New York.

New York got off to a good start jumping out to a 1-0 lead in the first off of a sac fly hit by Jason Bay to drive in Jose Reyes, then in the third they added 2 more runs one driven in by a Jose Reyes double and the other by a Angel Pagan Sac Fly.

In the bottom half of the third however things changed for the worse for the Mets and their starter pitcher Ken Takahashi, with 2 outs and nobody on the Marlins rallied to load the bases for Hanley Ramirez who made the Mets pay, hitting a grand slam to give the Marlins a 4-3 lead. Just two batters latter Dan Uggla stepped up with a man on and hit a 2 run homer himself to now make it a 6-3 ball game all with 2 outs.

The Mets would fight back to tie the game up in the 9th with an RBI Single by backup catcher Josh Thole to tie the game up at 6, but their fight still lead to a losing effort. In the bottom half of the inning Dan Uggla singled up the middle to drive in Jorge Cantu to end the game and give the Marlins a 7-6 win.

Phillies Vs Reds

raul_ibanez2The Phillies and Reds had an exciting finish to their game on Tuesday night with Philly coming out on top 9-6 in 10 innings.

Philly got their offense off of 2 big hits early on with 3 run homers by both Brian Schneider and Wilson Valdez off of Reds starter Mike Leake, this game the Phillies a 6-1 lead heading into the 6th inning. The Reds would start to fight back in the 6th with a 2 RBI double by Ramon Hernandez to cut the lead to 6-3 and it would stay that way into the 9th.

Brad Lidge came on to try to save the game for the Phillies but Joey Votto didn’t let the Reds go down easy. Votto with 2 men on base took Lidge deep to tie the game up at 6 a piece, sending it to extra innings.

In the 10th inning the Phillies wasted no time getting runs back on the board as they went on to have a 3 run rally started off by an RBI double by Raul Ibanez to get the scoring going.

The Phillies were able to hang on to this lead as J.C. Romero came on to earn the save in the Phillies 9-6 victory.

What’s on Tap 6-29-2010

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Tuesday’s games:

Braves vs. Nationals

Derek Lowe (9-5, 4.42) goes for win number 10 as he and the Braves face the Nationals. Craig Stammen (1-2, 5.43) makes his first start since returning to the rotation. Game time is 7:10 p.m. in Atlanta.

Mets vs. Marlins

The Mets and Marlins face off in Puerto Rico again tonight. Hisanori Takahashi (6-3, 3.78) starts for the Mets. Nate Robertson (5-6, 4.89) takes the mound for the Marlins. First pitch is 7:10 p.m.

Phillies vs. Reds

Joe Blanton (3-5, 6.53) and the Phillies look to bounce back after yesterday’s loss to the Reds. Mike Leake (5-1, 2.92) gets the start for the Reds. Game time is 7:10 p.m. in Cincinnati.

NL EAST RECAP 6/28/2010

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Mets at Marlins-

95688642AB022_NEW_YORK_METSThanks to small attendance figures Major League Baseball decided to bring the game to San Juan Puerto Rico for the three game set.  The first one was an absolute blow out.  Behind Ricky Nolasco’s 7 innings of 3 run ball, which he retired 13 in a row and 6 of those 7 he retired thanks to the strikeout, the Marlins went on to win big 10-3 over the Mets.  The Mets just completed another successful homestand in which they faced two of the best teams from the AL and won both series two out of three, but their road woes continued, this time in division.  The rookie Mike Stanton hit a 3 run home run to put the game out of reach off of Ryota Igarashi and make the score 10-3.  The Mets 3 runs came off two Jason Bay home runs, which was his 5th and 6th of the year.  This was his second multi home run game, which means in the first 76 games he’s hit a home run in four of them.

Phillies @ Reds-

howard-effectThe last time Johnny Cueto faced the Phillies it was one of the most lopsided games contests ever and his worst outing in a 22-1 loss in which he only got two outs.  This time he went a little bit longer and the Phils were unable to generate enough offense to beat Cueto and the Reds as they lost 7-3.  Cueto allowed 1 run on 6 hits in 8 innings of work.  The Phils scored 2 in the ninth but were unable to sustain a rally.  Scott Rolen, the former Phil, hit his 300th home run in the contest as well, which happened to be only the second loss in 7 games for the Phillies who have been putting up an average of almost 7 runs since Jimmy Rollins came back to the line up.

Nationals @ Braves-

capress-bbn_nationals_braves-3801196Facing a division rival for the first time, Stephen Strasburg found out that life can’t always be easy.  In his fifth start, the star rookie once again got no help from his ball club as their bats were silenced by Tim Hudson who went 7 innings and struck out 6 in a 5-0 victory.  Since winning his first two starts in which he got 9 and 5 runs of support in two victories, the Nationals have given him one run in his last three starts.  It used to be that they only won his starts, now even Strasburg’s starts aren’t a guaranteed win.  The Braves got to Strasburg in the 7th where they put 4 runs on the rookie who seemed to have hall of famer written on his resume even before he threw his first pitch.  Of course the Braves know about hype, as they have one of the best young talents in the game, he also being hall of fame bound early into his career, Jason Heyward but he was not in the line up due to injury.  The Braves having the Phillies and Mets lose, gained another game on both and now lead the Mets by 1.5 and the Phillies by 3.5.

What’s on Tap 6-28-2010

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Monday’s games:

Mets vs. Marlins

The two teams face off in Puerto Rico tonight. R.A. Dickey (6-0, 2.33) goes for win number 7 as he and the Mets take on Ricky Nolasco (6-6, 4.92) and the Marlins. Game time is 7:10 p.m.

Braves vs. Nationals

The Braves and Nationals begin a three game series tonight. Tim Hudson (7-3, 2.54) starts for Atlanta. Stephen Strasburg (2-1, 1.78) goes for Washington. First pitch is 7:10 p.m. in Atlanta.

Phillies vs. Reds

Kyle Kendrick (4-2, 4.71) and the Phillies take on Johnny Cueto (7-2, 3.97) and the Reds. Game time is 7:10 p.m. in Cincinnati.

NL East Daily Recap 6/28

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Mets Vs Twins

Mets Indians BaseballThe Mets stayed hot at home on Sunday winning another home series with a 6-0 win over the Twins.

Jonathon Niese earned his 5th win of the season throwing 6 shutout innings while striking out 5 in a strong outing for the Mets. The Offense was carried by the long ball on Sunday as the Mets hit 3 homeruns. Jeff Franceour got it started in the 4th inning then in the 5th inning David Wright and Ike Davis hit back to back shots.

New York travels to Puerto Rico to take on the Marlins today.

Marlins Vs Padres

will-venableSan Diego defeated Florida on Sunday by the score of 4-2 off of a late home run by Will Venable.

Marlins starter Anibal Sanchez threw 6 good innings allowing only 2 runs to the Padres, his counterpart Matt Latos matched him nicely throwing 5.2 of 1 run ball himself.

The Padres got on the board in the first off of an RBI single by Chad Headley to take an early 1-0 lead, The remained the only run of the game till the 6th. Will Venable added on a sac fly to make the score 2-0, in the bottom half of the inning the Marlins got on the board with an Edwin Bonifacio RBI single to cut the lead in half.

Jorge Cantu tied the game up in the 7th inning with an RBI single making the game 2-2. Will Venable would end that tie for good in the 8th with a 2 run homerun to give the padres and 4-2 lead and that would stand as Luke Gregerson came on to earn his 1st save of the year.

Nationals Vs Orioles

miguel-tejadaThe Orioles timely hitting led to a 4-3 win over there in state rival Nationals on Sunday.

Jeremy Guthrie started for the Orioles and put in a standard quality outing throwing 6 innings of 3 run ball. All 3 of those runs came in the 4th inning for the Nationals, Josh Willingham drove in the first run with an RBI triple who was followed up by a home run from Roger Bernadina to make it a 3-0 ball game.

The Orioles fought back to get 3 runs themselves in the 5th inning off of Nationals Starter Luis Atilano, who threw 7 innings while allowing only 2 earned runs for Washington. Adam Jones and Scott Moore drove in their runs in the 5th to tie the game up at 3-3.

Miguel Tejada drove in the winning run with an RBI single in the 8th inning to make the game 4-3, Alfredo Simon came on to earn his 9th save of the season to close things out.

Phillies Vs Blue Jays

jimmyrollinshit-751600Philly’s bats came to life on Sunday with an 11-2 beat down on the Blue Jays.

Jamie Moyer would start this one off for the Phillies earning his 9th win of the year throwing 7 innings of 2 run ball; he would get all the offensive support he needed in this one.

Blue Jays starter Brett Cecil lasted only 4 innings surrendering 7 runs to the Phillies offense who was led by Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorinio who each added 3 hits. Ben Francisco also had a big day for the Phillies driving in 2 runs himself.

On a side note Jamie Moyer did break a record in this one, with the homerun he allowed to Vernon Wells in this one he now ranks first all time in most home runs allowed.

Braves Vs Tigers

justin-verlander2Detroit routed the Braves in this one winning it easily in a 10-4 victory.

Braves starter Tommy Hanson had a rough outing in this one, Hanson lasted only 3.2 allowing 8 hits and 6 runs. Tiger’s outfielder Brennan Boesch had a big day at the plate with 3 hits and 3 RBI to lead Detroits offense on Sunday. Austin Jackson and Carlos Guillen each added 3 hits themselves as they provided plenty of Offense for Justin Verlander.

Verlander threw 7 innings while allowing 4 runs, he improved his record to 9-5 on the season.

What’s on Tap 6-27-2010

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Sunday’s games:

Marlins vs. Padres

The Marlins send Anibal Sanchez (7-4, 3.30) to the mound as they close out their series with the Padres. Mat Latos (8-4, 2.93) gets the start for San Diego. Game time is 1:10 p.m. in Florida.

Mets vs. Twins

Jon Niese (4-2, 4.17) and the Mets look to take the rubber game of their three game series with the Twins. Scott Baker (6-6, 4.61) gets the start for Minnesota. First pitch is 1:10 p.m. in N.Y.

Braves vs. Tigers

Tommy Hanson (7-4, 3.30) and the Braves go for the sweep as they close their series with the Tigers. Justin Verlander (8-5, 3.94) takes the mound for Detroit. Game time is 1:35 p.m. in Atlanta.

Nationals vs. Orioles

The Nationals look to take the finale of the Battle of the Beltways. Luis Atilano (6-4, 4.52) starts for Washington. Jeremy Guthrie (3-9, 4.28) gets the start for the Orioles. First pitch is set for 1:35 p.m. in Baltimore.

Phillies vs. Blue Jays

The Phillies go for the series win against the Blue Jays this afternoon. Jamie Moyer (8-6, 4.43) takes the mound for Philadelphia, while Brett Cecil (7-4, 4.06) starts for Toronto. Game time is 1:35 p.m. in Philadelphia.

NL East Recap 6-26

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Mets vs. Twins

Johan Santana faced his former team for the first time as the Mets hosted the Twins at Citi Field on Saturday afternoon.   Minnesota jumped on Santana early and the Mets couldn’t solve Carl Pavano as the Twins went on to win 6-0.

*Jun 26 - 00:05*The Twins scored four runs in the first inning off of Santana (5-5), and never looked back.  Joe Mauer started the scoring with a run-scoring single, and then with 2 outs, Jason Kubel hit an RBI double and Delmon Young doubled home two more runs to give the Twins an early 4-0 lead.  Meanwhile, Pavano (9-6) was dominant from the start.  Pavano went all nine innings, allowing just three singles and a walk to the Mets.  Kubel added a solo home run in the ninth inning to cap the scoring.



Braves vs. Tigers

The Braves got a timely home run from their longtime third baseman, and the team survived some shaky relief pitching to hold off the Tigers for a 4-3 victory in Atlanta.

braves-626Kenshin Kawakami came into the game winless, and though he pitched well over seven innings, left trailing 1-0.  However, the Braves finally gave Kawakami (1-9) some support in the bottom of the seventh when Chipper Jones belted a three-run home run off of Detroit reliever Joel Zumaya (2-1).  The Braves added another run in the eighth on an Eric Hinske RBI double and entered the ninth inning with a 4-1 lead. 

A day after earning his 400th career save, Billy Wagner was unavailable due to a sore left ankle, so Takashi Saito came in to try to seal the victory.   However, Saito allowed a solo homer to Miguel Cabrera and walked two more before being pulled.  Manager Bobby Cox then called on Eric O’Flaherty, but O’Flaherty proceeded to walk the next two batters, the last one forcing in a run and cutting the lead to 4-3.  Peter Moylan then came in to face Johnny Damon with the bases loaded.  With the count 3 and 2, Moylan’s offering to Damon appeared to be outside, but the Braves got the strike three call and the victory.  Moylan earned his first save on the season.

With the victory and the Mets’ loss, the Braves extended their lead in the NL East to 1.5 games.


Phillies vs. Blue Jays

Playing the second game of their “road” series in Philadelphia against the Blue Jays, the Phillies couldn’t take advantage of their home ballpark and fell to Toronto 5-1.

phils-626The Blue Jays touched up Phillies starter Cole Hamels (5-5) for five runs in four innings.  John Buck, Aaron Hill and Alex Gonzalez each homered off of Hamels to spark the Toronto offense.  Shaun Marcum (7-3) didn’t allow the Phillies to get back into the game, allowing just one run over six innings.  The Phillies only run came courtesy of a Ryan Howard solo home run.  In an unusual site, Howard acted as the Phillies’ DH as the game was played under American League rules in the NL ballpark.  Toronto relievers combined for three scoreless innings to close out their Philly home victory.

The teams will face off on Sunday in the rubber match of their three game set. 


Nationals vs. Orioles

A day after blowing a 6-0 lead to the Orioles, the Nationals jumped out to a 5-0 lead in Baltimore.   For the second straight day, however, the Nats blew a large lead and fell in the Battle of the Beltway by a score of 6-5.

nats-626Washington scored four runs in the 3rd inning, thanks to a two-run double by Adam Dunn and RBIs from Ivan Rodriguez and Roger Bernadina.  After adding another run in the fourth, the Orioles came back against Nats’ starter Livan Hernandez.  Adam Jones homered in the fourth to get the O’s on the board, and then the Orioles scored four in the fifth.  Matt Wieters  delivered the big hit, as his two-run single tied the game at 5.

The Orioles took a 6-5 lead in the seventh.  With Ty Wigginton batting, Nationals reliver Drew Storen threw a wild pitch that allowed Luke Scott to score the go-ahead run.  Jason Berken (1-1) earned the victory for the Orioles in relief, while Sean Burnett (0-4) took the loss for the Nats.  Alfredo Simon pitched a perfect ninth to earn his eighth save.


Marlins vs. Padres

Jon Garland and Josh Johnson faced off in a pitcher’s duel Saturday night in Miami.   Johnson pitched eight solid innings, but the Marlins couldn’t solve Garland or the Padres’ pen, and the Padres defeated the Marlins by a score of 2-1.

marlins-626The Marlins scored first in the second inning thanks to a Mike Stanton sacrifice fly.  The Padres answered back in the fourth when Adrian Gonzalez doubled home David Eckstein with the tying run.   In the fifth, Jerry Hairston Jr. tripled off of Stanton’s glove, and then scored on Garland’s fly ball to right field.   Garland’s ball took Stanton into foul ground, and Marlins players tried to yell at Stanton to let the ball land foul, but his catch turned into a sacrifice fly and scored the deciding run.

Johnson (8-3) took the loss despite striking out nine and allowing just five hits.  Garland (8-5) allowed just four hits over 6.2 innings and earned the victory.  Heath Bell pitched the ninth inning and struck out two in earning his 21st save.

What’s on Tap 6-26-2010

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Saturday’s match ups:

Mets vs. Twins

Johan Santana (5-4, 3.31) and the Mets look to take game two against the Twins. Carl Pavano (8-6, 3.64) starts for Minnesota. Game time is 1:10 p.m. in N.Y.

Braves vs. Tigers

Kenshin Kawakami (0-9, 4.78) once again goes for his first win, as he and the Braves take on the Tigers. Max Scherzer (4-6, 5.67) gets the start for Detroit. First pitch is 4:00 p.m. in Atlanta.

Nationals vs. Orioles

Livan Hernandez (6-4, 2.82) and the Nationals look to bounce back after yesterday’s loss against Baltimore. Brad Bergesen (3-4, 6.50) takes the mound for the Orioles. Game time is 4:05 p.m. in Baltimore.

Phillies vs. Blue Jays

Cole Hamels (6-5, 3.75) starts for the Phillies as they take on Shaun Marcum (6-3, 3.24) and the Blue Jays. First pitch is set for 4:05 p.m. in Philadelphia.

Marlins vs. Padres

The Marlins send Josh Johnson (8-2, 1.80) to the mound as they face Jon Garland (7-5, 3.26) and the Padres. Game time is set for 7:10 p.m. in Florida.