Another call for writers/blog owners

Filed Under (NL East Chatter) by mrose on 06-12-2010

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Hey everyone,

Reposting this from a few weeks back:

thanks for helping us complete our first FULL season of NL East Chatter.  Our Mets (Real Dirty Mets) and Nationals (Centerfieldgate) blogs are doing great.  Our other blogs need some help.  We are looking to come back strong in 2011, like all the NL East Teams but we are looking for a few things.  Please email if you can help with any of the following.

Again , please contact us if you can help with the following, and enjoy the offseason, we will get started again here soon.

I did receive one inquiry about the Braves, but was unable to return email, please send me another email and I will surely get back to you.