Still need some help!

Filed Under (NL East Chatter) by mrose at 9:27 AM on 04-26-2011

With the regular season underway, we here at NLEC and our family of blogs are still a bit under staffed (except Real Dirty Mets).  We are in need of additional Philllies Bloggers at Phillies Phandom, more Nats bloggers at Centerfield Gate and some dedicated individuals to start their own Braves and Marlins blogs.  All the while, if you want to write about the NL East in general, we need help at the parent site here, at NL East chatter.

For any of the above, please contact

Please visit Real Dirty Mets for all your Mets News, CenterfieldGate for all Nats, and finally, Phillies Phandom to find out how the NL Favorites are fairing.

Thanks for the continued support of this project!

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