Bay Robs Mets without A Gun by: Vincent Perricone 5-26-11

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The date was December 30th, 2009. The NY Mets finally got the guy they wanted throughout the entire off-season. Jason Bay was a Met, and the world was a much better place down in Queens. Fast-foward a year and a half, and that man may go down as the biggest free agent bust in NY Met history. While Bay was hurt last year with a concussion and missed almost half a year, he was given a pass in part to playing in a new, HUGE stadium. His first year was similar to David Wright, who did bat over .300 (.302 in fact) and had 9 HRs and 72 RBIs. We all knew that Wright seemed to be pressing, so we gave him another year to succeed, and did he sure do that, getting back to a David Wright season. So we all thought this was going to be a bounce back year for Bay, who was despretly needed to produce if anyone thought that this Met team could have an above average year. The year could not have started off worse. An oblique injury side-lined Bay for almost the first month, upsetting many Mets fans. Today is May 26, and Jason Bay is batting around .220 with 2HRs, 8RBIs and just 3-10 with runners on third with less then 2 outs. For a man that never really hit that high for average, but always produced the HR ball, he jacked 36 in his previous year with the Red Sox. For a man that was brought here for one reason, and that reason is to solely hit HRs, he is failing miserably. Along with players like Mo Vaughn, George Foster and Frank Viola who were brought in and did not come remotely close to what they did previous years, Jason Bay (if this continues) may go down ahead of those three players. So with 2 years and about $34 Million left on his contract after this year, it is looking more and more like the Mets will decline that 5th year option, giving Bay a total of $80 Million for his below par career here in Flushing.

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