Ike Injury “Hurts” More Than Ankle by: Vincent Perricone 5-12-11

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While it is only May, today may have taken a turn for the worst. Mets stud 1st baseman Ike Davis was put on the 15 day DL with a bone bruise and ankle sprain. Ok, it is only the 12th of May, but for a team that is struggling to score with runners in scoring position, this is not only a huge blow for the hitters but for the bench and pitching staff as well. Davis leads the team with not only 7 HRs, but has 25 RBIs. With the recent struggles of David Wright and Jason Bay, you are now asking both of these players to not only turn it around, but to turn it around right now. Granted, Wright is your #3 hitter and should be able to turn it around quickly, who here has any belief that Jason Bay will? This is a man who was brought in to do one thing, and one thing only…hit HRs! While he was injured last year, and missed the first couple of weeks this year, Bay has only 7 Hrs the last two seasons. Davis was just put into the 5 hole to give Bay a chance to find his stride in the 6 spot. Now with this injury, your rushing Bay back into the 5 hole. With Beltran hitting very well this year, he is going to be sandwhiched between Wright and Bay in the Clean-up position, as he was for the main part of the season. Also, what does this do for Daniel Murphy? While he was batting around .250, and playing a pretty decent 2nd base, he is now going to be asked to play 1st base. What does this do to his growth? Rather than play 2nd base everyday, he is most certainly going to play 1st for the next few weeks, with Turner getting the bulk at 2nd. For a team that scored runs at a premium as it was, you are now putting you rotation and bullpen in a tough spot. This means more innings and less runs, and for the Mets, I am not sure if that is possible. Already 4 games below .500 and 2 games behined the Nats for 4th place, this is a string of bad things to come in my opinion. Well I guess there is one good thing that comes from this……F-Mart and his .174 career average are being recalled from Buffalo.

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