An NL East Chatter update

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I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Training for their teams.  I just want to send a reminder that although we are still in need of Braves and Marlins blogs, our others are going strong.

Please visit Real Dirty Mets for all your Mets News, CenterfieldGate for all Nats, and finally, Phillies Phandom to find out how the NL Favorites are fairing.

NL East Chatter will be getting ramped up again soon with editorials, NL East News and daily recaps when the season starts again.  Until then, watch our reports and pictures from Spring training and please email if you are interested in writing for any of the NL East Chatter blogs!

Welcome to the NL East Chatter Community!

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Today we welcome our 3rd blog in the NL East Chatter Community.  The guys over at have graciously accepted our invitation and today are a full fledged part of our new and growing community.  There are still a few things to get tweaked with this blog, including the integrated usernames and passwords, but we hope to get through these obstacles in the next few days.  Also, an RSS feed will be added to the left hand side of this page as soon as I get the graphic for it.


In the meantime, stop by and say hello to Mark and the boys.  Its great to have another team on board.  Just Phillies and Marlins to go, so once again, please let me know at if you have suggestions.