NL East News: Halladay not being moved..

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In a tweet from Erika Gilbert , Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is quoted as saying “I think at this point its probably unlikely that we’ll trade Doc.  We’ve got to be motivated to move him, so we haven’t been highly motivated yet”

Will this slow down the rumor mill? Probably not, and we will probably never know if the Mets “declined” offer was real or what may be going on, but I for one never thought he would be traded in season anyway.

Lets see what happens on this rollercoaster.

NL East News: Pedro, Halladay and All-Star Starters

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The biggest news of the day appears to be that according to many reports, including Todd Zolecki’s Twitter, that former Met Pedro Martinez is on his way to Philadelphia.  His latest news says that the physical may not be completed until tomorrow, but a deal is expected by Wednesday.

Zolecki also speaks to different Philly players who send a message to management that they want Halladay.

1st time All-Star Jayson Werth said “”I understand all that, We won last year and we pretty much have the same team this year. If you were ever going to sell the farm I think now would be the time. But that’s just me speaking who has a short window of a career. Ruben (Amaro Jr.) and those guys are going to be there for a long time. It’s a lot to leverage, I know. But I think we’re definitely in a situation where if we did go for it, it could pay off.”

Zolecki includes quotes from Charlie Manuel and Ryan Howard as well in his article.

Finally, the starting lineup is announced and it includes five NL East position players, not bad for what most(including their own fans) label as a terrible division.  It also includes Shane Victorino who Charlie Manuel chose to start for the injured Carlos Beltran in Center field.  The lineup is as follows:

Hanley Ramirez SS

Chase Utley 2B

Albert Pujols 1B

Ryan Braun RF

Raul Ibanez LF

David Wright 3B

Shane Victorino CF

Yadier Molina C

Tim Lincecum P

NL East gets 5 starters and 11 total in 2009 All-Star Game

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The Rosters for the 2009 All-Star in St. Louis have been announced, and the National League East has 11 total representatives including 5 positional starters and the Mets leading the way with four representatives.  The players that are listed are below:

Philadelphia Logo Starters

Chase Utley 2B

Raul Ibanez OF


Ryan Howard 1B

Marlins Logo Starters

Hanley Ramirez


Josh Johnson RHP

Mets Logo Starters

David Wright 3B

Carlos Beltran OF


Johan Santana LHP

Francisco Rodriguez RHP

Braves Logo Reserves

Brian McCann C

Nats Logo Reserves

Ryan Zimmerman 3B

Mets Player News: Mets sign Juan Urbina

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this is celebrating?

this is celebrating?

The Mets have signed international free Agent Juan Urbina for a bit over 1M according to MLBTR.  Check MLBTR or our own Real Dirty Mets Blog for more. Juan is son of former Major Leaguer Ugueth Urbina, shown above celebrating a “win”