Goodbye Spring training, hello regular season

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Four weekends, five spring training visits.

This year, with a tight personal life schedule, four of the five visits were to the New York Mets facility in Port St Lucie, Florida.  The New York Mets PR crew was gracious in allowing myself and some from The Real Dirty Mets Blog to have Field Passes to those games.  This allowed us to get a ton of great pictures (album links will be posted later), a couple quick player interactions, and an experience that makes any baseball fan excited for the season, no matter who you root for.

We most recently saw Carlos Beltran participating in a minor league game, playing Right Field and rehabbing his knee.  While watching how he has progressed, we were lucky enough to meet Michael Baron, who writes for MetsBlog and takes fantastic photos (much better than mine), as well as Howard Megdal a fantastic writer for multiple sites. Very enjoyable watching the game and talkin’ baseball with these two.

We made our way back to the main field to see the middle innings of a Mets Spring Training win versus a mainly B squad which traveled for the Braves, but saw some bright spots for the Mets with Emaus, and a cameo by Wilmer Flores late in the game.  He is a big guy! (pictures in album links below)

Finally, we attended another Terry Collins post game and with some help again by Michael Baron, we got a couple more great pics and heard and twitter’d some news regarding the Mets 2B situation at the time.

Not to be missed, I also made a short trip over to Wide World of Sports on Sunday to take in some Phillies and Braves baseball.  The facility is beautiful, although the traffic getting in and out was quite annoying.  Besides seeing Kawakami go for the Braves, who since has been sent to the minors , we saw a fun game and even saw what looked like regular season fan interaction.  Many Phillies fans were quite excited about Spring training play against a minor league pitcher, but hey.. its almost that time, so who can really blame them?

It was a great spring, each weekend filled with great baseball.  I will be heading down to Miami for the opening game of the Mets and Marlins season on Friday as well, armed with my camera, and my phone for some twitter posts.

Here are all the albums from this spring:

March 6, 2011 Red Sox @ Mets

March 13,2011 Cardinals @ Mets

March 19, 2011 Nats @ Mets

March 26,2011 Braves @ Mets

March 26,2011 Phillies @ Braves

I’m also looking forward to another growing year for NLEC and all the blogs underneath it.  With that said, we are still looking for new bloggers for the Marlins and Braves and additional writers for Centerfield Gate, NL East Chatter and Phillies Phandom.  Please contact me at @nleastchatter on twitter.

First pics from Spring Training

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DirtySanchez of Real Dirty Mets Blog and I attended the Red Sox at Mets game in Port St Lucie on Sunday. In addition to meeting Ted Berg of TedQuarters , we got to see some great action, talk to some Mets players and take some pictures.

Dirty and I will be heading back down this Sunday and more than likely one or both of us will get to a game each weekend throughout the rest of spring training, and likely Opening Weekend in Miami.

We will attempt to report more next week, but I know at least for myself, this has been a busy week in “the real world”, but please enjoy some of the pictures we took here!

Please keep following @nleastchatter and @realdirtymets on twitter for Spring Training updates when we go!

And as always, we can always use writers for this site and all NL East teams, contact

NL East Series Preview 6-22-09

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Phillies Logo VS TB Logo
The Phillies home troubles continued this past weekend by losing another three games to the Orioles. The Philadelphia Phillies(36-31, 1st in NL East) have now lost 8 of their last 9 and have dropped to 13-22 at home. They will travel to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Rays(37-34, 4th in AL East) who took the final two games from the Mets in Citi Field this weekend. This weekend is a rematch of the World Series in 2008, but the Phillies are just happy to get away from home.
Tuesday @ 7:08PM EST – Moyer,PHI(4-6,6.35 ERA) vs. Price,TB(1-1,3.46 ERA)
Wednesday @ 7:08PM EST -Blanton,PHI(4-3,5.28 ERA) vs. Garza,TB(4-5,3.83 ERA)
Thursday @ 7:08PM EST – Bastardo,PHI(2-2,5.21 ERA) vs Sonnanstine,TB(5-7,6.60 ERA)
Mets Logo
The Mets have been playing terribly of late, including losing their last 4 series since playing the Nationals. The Mets(34-33, 2nd in NL East) hope that getting away from Interleague Play for a few days will help them get out of the losing ways. The Cardinals(39-31, 1st in NL Central) enter in with after winning 3 straight games and taking over 1st place in the NL Central this weekend. For more Mets news, check The Real Dirty Mets Blog.
Monday @ 7:10PM EST -Wellemeyer(6-6,5.36 ERA) vs. Redding,NYM(0-2,6.27 ERA)
Tuesday @ 7:10PM EST – Pineiro(5-8,3.76 ERA) vs. Hernandez,NYM(5-1,4.18 ERA)
Wednesday @ 7:10PM EST -Thompson(2-2,3.89 ERA) vs. Nieve,NYM(2-0,1.84 ERA)
Thursday @ 1:10PM EST – Carpenter(5-1,1.53 ERA) vs. Santana,NYM(8-5,3.22 ERA)
Orioles Logo vs_120x120 Marlins Logo
The Marlins are riding high right now after taking 2 of 3 at home against the over 200 million dollar payroll of the New York Yankees. The Marlins(35-36, 3rd in NL East) are 3-3 in their last 6 and hope to continue a successful interleague schedule this week. The Orioles(32-37, 5th in AL East) are coming off 5 consecutive wins against the Mets and Phillies and look to continue domination of the National League East teams.
Tuesday @ 7:10PM EST – Uehara,BAL(2-4,4.30 ERA) vs. Miller,FLA(2-3,4.56 ERA)
Wednesday@7:10PM EST-Berken,BAL(1-3,6.84 ERA) vs. Nolasco,FLA(3-6,7.15 ERA)
Thursday @ 7:10PM EST – Hill,BAL(3-1,5.18 ERA) vs. West,FLA(2-2,3.97 ERA)
Cubs LogoYankees Logo
Braves Logo
The Braves(32-36, 4th in NL East) are fresh off a tough weekend series against the Boston Red Sox and this week doesn’t get any easier for them. Monday night they will welcome in the suddenly hot Chicago Cubs(34-31) for a makeup game. Tuesday to Thursday they welcome in the struggling, but always dangerous New York Yankees(38-31. 2nd in AL East) during the final week of interleague play. For additional Braves coverage check out Braves Baseball Blog.
Monday @ 7:10PM EST – Dempster,CHI(4-4,3.92 ERA) vs. Vazquez,ATL(4-6, 3.31 ERA)
Tuesday @ 7:00PM EST – Wang,NYY(0-5,12.30 ERA) vs. Hanson,ATL(2-0,4.08 ERA)
Wednesday @ 7:00PM EST – Chamberlain,NYY(3-2,3.89 ERA) vs. Kawakami(4-6, 4.42 ERA)
Thursday @ 7:00PM EST – Pettite,NYY(7-3,4.26 ERA) vs. Lowe,ATL(7-5, 4.09 ERA)
Red Sox Logo
Nationals Logo
The Nationals continued a rare successful week of baseball over the weekend by taking 2 out of 3 from the Toronto Blue Jays at home. The Nationals(20-47, 5th in NL East) will try to once again play David vs. Goliath this week as they welcome in the Boston Red Sox(42-47, 1st in AL East) for a 3 game set. This set will include former Brave John Smoltz’ first ever start for the Red Sox on Thursday night. For additional Nats insight, head to
Tuesday @7:05PM EST – Penny,BOS(6-2,4.94 ERA) vs. Lannan,WAS(4-5,3.38 ERA)
Wednesday @ 7:05PM EST – Lester,BOS(5-6,4.69 ERA) vs. Stammen,WAS(1-2,4.76 ERA)
Thursday @ 7:05PM EST – Smoltz,BOS(0-0,0.00 ERA) vs. Zimmerman,WAS(2-3,5.03 ERA)

If interested in helping the NLEC, please contact

NL East Weekend Recap: 6-20-09 to 6-21-09

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Howard Hits a 3 run home run

Howard Hits a 3 run home run

6-20-09:In the 7th inning on Saturday night, Ryan Howard hit a pinch hit three run home run off Oriole reliever Danys Baez after being hospitalized with flu symptoms.  It looked like Philly may have finally found the magic they had in 2008, but this was before the 9th inning.  Still filling in as the closer for Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson(2-3) blew yet another save while giving up a solo home run to Greg Zaun and a 2 run shot to Brian Roberts which proved to be the game winner.  Mark Hendrickson(2-4) pitched the final 2 outs of the 8th and got the win while George Sherill pitched a perfect 9th for his 14th save.

Brian Roberts hurts the Phils again

Brian Roberts hurts the Phils again

6-21-09: Sunday did not bring much relief for the Phillies and their home woes.  Cole Hamels(4-3) was the victim of a lack of offense as he went 8 strong innings, giving up only 2 runs on 9 hits including 10 strike outs.  Jeremy Guthrie(5-7) was just a bit better, going 7 strong innings only giving up 3 hits, one being a solo home run and the only run he surrendered for the win.  The phaithful have resorted to booing 2007 MVP Jimmy Rollins.  The Phillies have now lost 8 of their last 9 and will be happy to travel to Tampa Bay for a World Series rematch this week.

Mets fans have that same look

Mets fans have that same look

6-20-09: Johan Santana(8-5) pitched 7.1 innings on a rainy Saturday afternoon at Citi Field, giving up only 2 runs.  The problem was that James Shields(6-5) went 7 innings while only giving up one run, including setting down his final 14 who faced him on route to the win.  The Mets can be happy that Santana had a nice bounce back start, but it is bittersweet since they still lost the game 3-1.  J.P. Howell got his 4th save in the 9th inning of the game.

Schneider with another 3 run HR

Schneider with another 3 run HR

6-21-09: On Sunday, The Mets offense came to play, the problem was that the pitching decided to stay home.  Seven Mets pitchers stumbled through the game, giving up leads two separate times en route to a 10-6 loss.  The loss gets pinned on Bobby Parnell(2-3) who looks to be worn out lately after a blazing start to the season.  The Rays relief pitching wasn’t up to par either, but the hitting bailed them out.  Joe Nelson(2-0) got the win while giving up an earned run on a 3 run home run to Schneider in the 6th with two men on.  The Mets will now welcome in the NL Central Division leading Cardinals for a four game set.  For all Mets info, visit The Real Dirty Mets Blog.

Josh Johnson stifles another NY team

Josh Johnson stifles another NY team

6-20-09: The Marlins rebounded from a loss to the empire on Friday night with a lights out performance from Josh Johnson.  Johnson(7-1) went 7 innings giving up just 3 hits in earning another victory against a team hailing from New York.  A.J. Burnett(5-4) was hurt by bad play in the field by Johnny Damon and was collared with a tough loss.  Matt Lindstrom worked the 9th inning on only 6 pitches for his 13th save of the season.

Girardi argues a double switch

Girardi argues a double switch

6-21-09: Sunday brought another 35,827 (Yankee) fans to Land Shark Stadium in Florida, hoping to see their former home town Yankees win with the ace on the mound.  They saw nothing like that, including Sabathia leaving after only 1.1 IP and giving up 1 earned run with tightness in his left biceps.  The bullpen managed to piece it together pretty well for the rest of the game, except for Brett Tomko(0-2) who gave up 3 runs in two innings to take the loss.  The Marlins and starter Chris Volstad(5-7) who got the win, took advantage of a rough day for Yankee pitching and took 2 out of 3 this weekend.  Matt Lindstrom got his 14th save of the season, but he left the tying and go ahead runs on base when Derek Jeter made the final out.  The Yankees are protesting the game though because of a lineup mixup in the 8th inning, so we will keep an eye on that, odds are nothing changes.  The Marlins will welcome in the suddenly hot Orioles to Miami this weekend, after the O’s have won 5 in a row against the Mets and Phillies.

Lowe gets a nice ovation, and a loss

Lowe gets a nice ovation, and a loss

6-20-09: Fresh off a great start by Kawakami on Friday night, the Braves hoped to have another top notch performance by their ace, Derek Lowe.  Unfortunately, they saw another masterful performance by a former NL East foe, Josh Beckett.  Josh Beckett(8-3) continued his resurgence this season with a complete game 5-hit shutout of the Braves on Saturday night while striking out 7 and giving up 11 hits.  Derek Lowe pitched into the seventh inning while being charged with all 3 runs but received a great ovation by the Boston faithful when he left the mound.

Bobby Cox gets tossed...again

Bobby Cox gets tossed...again

6-21-09: Sunday brought a common site to Brave fans, as Bobby Cox was tossed yet again.  The Boston Red Sox won in walk off fashion on a Nick Green hit an unexpected home run in the bottom of the 9th.  Jonathan Papelbon(1-1) got the win in teh back and forth game, as Braves reliever Jeff Bennett(2-4) gave up the homerun to Green for the loss.  The tough loss gave the Red Sox the series victory and the Braves missed another chance to gain ground on both the Mets and the Phillies in the NL East.  The Braves return home to face the Yankees on Tuesday night, and visit The Braves Baseball Blog for more Braves news and info

Alberto Gonzalez reacts to another walk off

Alberto Gonzalez reacts to another walk off

6-20-09: The Washington Nationals are getting used to this walk off thing and this winning thing!  The Nats won their second straight game in walk off fashion and the fourth overall.  In the bottom of the 12th inning, after failing to move Alberto Gonzalez over on a sacrifice bunt, Willie Harris decided to end the game himself.  Harris hit his 2nd home run of the year, and sent Scott Richmond(5-4) to the loss in the 12th inning.  Julian Tavarez (3-4) got the win after pitching 1.2 innings of scoreless relief for the Nationals.

Acta is still the manager!

Acta is still the manager!

6-21-09: Over a week after reports surfaced that his job was in jeopardy, Manny Acta was managing and going for a series sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays at home.  He should just be glad he still has a job, as the Blue Jays were able to manage a win and avoid the sweep of the last place Nationals.   Behind 9 runs and 5 RBI from Lyle Overbay, Ricky Romero(4-3) got the win on 7 strong innings of 2 run ball.  Nationals rookie Sharon Martis(5-2) took only his second loss of the year, despite an ERA over 5.  The Nats welcome in another big task as the Boston Red Sox come to town this Tuesday night.  Check out CenterfieldGate for more information on the Nats.

For more information on the National League East this week, stop back for the NL East Series preview later today.

No posting for the weekend

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There will likely be no new posts here on the NL East Chatter homepage for the weekend, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be checking my email and open to new ideas and bloggers for the site.
Make sure to keep checking out and and please email if you would like to blog for the Nats, Phillies, or Marlins here.

Welcome BravesBaseballBlog to!

Filed Under (mrose, NL East Chatter) by mrose on 28-05-2009 has now partnered with Braves Baseball Blog to ensure we have a Braves affiliate in our community. Along with the existing Real Dirty Mets Blog we have a solid start to a great community.

Now we just need a Phillies, Nationals and Marlins blog, if anyone knows a blogger for one of these or someone who would like to, send em our way.


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Soon, this will have a huge amount of data which will be dedicated to all things NL East. We are however, looking for Bloggers and fans for all teams in the NL East. If you fill this, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

In the time being, check out for our forum site and for our blog.

Thanks and keep checking back too!