Phillies Trade News: Cliff Lee traded to the Phillies

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According to Ken Rosenthal and others, the Phillies have traded Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald and Lou Marson to the Indians in exchange for Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco.

The medical records are being reviewed, but all signs point to a completed trade

More on this as it comes available but check out Phillies Phandom for more!

Weigh in on your opinion and thoughts on this trade in the comment section!

Trade Rumors: Halladay going nowhere, other tidbits

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So in today’s edition of “Where will Roy go?” , Richard Griffin of The Star says that Halladay will not be going anywhere until at least the offseason.  If you recall, yesterday , we here at NLEC put up a post explaining that at least two teams in the NL East may be calling the Jays on this.  At this point, I stick by my opinion that he absolutely isn’t coming here because of the kings ransom Toronto would require.

Your thoughts?

Thanks to Beerleaguer for posting their own link to this.

Also, over at TRDMB CaseStreet talks about some other new rumors about D’Backs players and Nats players.

Halladay sweepstakes is on?

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Halladay leaving Canada?

Halladay leaving Canada?

Earlier today, Sports newswaves went into a tizzy with the comment from Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi saying “I don’t think anything has changed, I just think, ‘You know what, why not listen? The worst we can say is no,  If someone wants Roy and they’re willing to blow us away, we’d be willing to listen, that’s all I’m saying. That doesn’t mean we’d trade him, that doesn’t mean we’re looking to trade him. All it means is we’d be willing to listen.”.

It wasn’t exactly an all out notification that Halladay has packed his bags, but already many fans of teams, including those have cried out for the ace.  Matt at Phillies Phandom explains who he would give up for Halliday while Casestreet asks Mets fans at The Real Dirty Mets Blog who they would give up.

I for one don’t see him getting moved anywhere, let alone the NL East, but I guess we shall see, right?  NLEC Will update with any news that is gathered.

Phillies Trade Rumors: Philly looking at Wang?

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Phils looking for Wang?

Phils looking for Wang?

According to  Nova Fantasy Sports, and other published reports, the Phillies sent scouts to Citi Field last night to watch former Yankee ace Chien-Ming Wang.  If he is made available, the Phillies are rumored to be VERY interested in acquiring him, the same is also said about Red Sox’ Brad Penny.  Stay tuned to NLEC for more info on this.