ESPN Picks are in

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ESPN has posted all of their predictions for NL/AL playoff teams and wild card winners.  Not surprisingly, there is a huge amount of people picking the Red Sox to come out of the American League, with some sprinkled in Yankees a few random picks like the White Sox or the Rays.
In the National League, there are more people than I expected thinking the Braves would make it to the Fall Classic, but the Phillies are still everyone’s favorite.  I am surprised that with the love affair that is the Phillies and their potentially potent rotation, the number of people who pick them not to make it to the World Series and in some cases, not even make the playoffs.

Click here to check the picks out yourself and discuss.  One other note, in case you were delirious and were hoping, not one person picked the Mets, Nationals or Marlins to even make the playoffs.

Goodbye Spring training, hello regular season

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Four weekends, five spring training visits.

This year, with a tight personal life schedule, four of the five visits were to the New York Mets facility in Port St Lucie, Florida.  The New York Mets PR crew was gracious in allowing myself and some from The Real Dirty Mets Blog to have Field Passes to those games.  This allowed us to get a ton of great pictures (album links will be posted later), a couple quick player interactions, and an experience that makes any baseball fan excited for the season, no matter who you root for.

We most recently saw Carlos Beltran participating in a minor league game, playing Right Field and rehabbing his knee.  While watching how he has progressed, we were lucky enough to meet Michael Baron, who writes for MetsBlog and takes fantastic photos (much better than mine), as well as Howard Megdal a fantastic writer for multiple sites. Very enjoyable watching the game and talkin’ baseball with these two.

We made our way back to the main field to see the middle innings of a Mets Spring Training win versus a mainly B squad which traveled for the Braves, but saw some bright spots for the Mets with Emaus, and a cameo by Wilmer Flores late in the game.  He is a big guy! (pictures in album links below)

Finally, we attended another Terry Collins post game and with some help again by Michael Baron, we got a couple more great pics and heard and twitter’d some news regarding the Mets 2B situation at the time.

Not to be missed, I also made a short trip over to Wide World of Sports on Sunday to take in some Phillies and Braves baseball.  The facility is beautiful, although the traffic getting in and out was quite annoying.  Besides seeing Kawakami go for the Braves, who since has been sent to the minors , we saw a fun game and even saw what looked like regular season fan interaction.  Many Phillies fans were quite excited about Spring training play against a minor league pitcher, but hey.. its almost that time, so who can really blame them?

It was a great spring, each weekend filled with great baseball.  I will be heading down to Miami for the opening game of the Mets and Marlins season on Friday as well, armed with my camera, and my phone for some twitter posts.

Here are all the albums from this spring:

March 6, 2011 Red Sox @ Mets

March 13,2011 Cardinals @ Mets

March 19, 2011 Nats @ Mets

March 26,2011 Braves @ Mets

March 26,2011 Phillies @ Braves

I’m also looking forward to another growing year for NLEC and all the blogs underneath it.  With that said, we are still looking for new bloggers for the Marlins and Braves and additional writers for Centerfield Gate, NL East Chatter and Phillies Phandom.  Please contact me at @nleastchatter on twitter.

An NL East Chatter update

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I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Training for their teams.  I just want to send a reminder that although we are still in need of Braves and Marlins blogs, our others are going strong.

Please visit Real Dirty Mets for all your Mets News, CenterfieldGate for all Nats, and finally, Phillies Phandom to find out how the NL Favorites are fairing.

NL East Chatter will be getting ramped up again soon with editorials, NL East News and daily recaps when the season starts again.  Until then, watch our reports and pictures from Spring training and please email if you are interested in writing for any of the NL East Chatter blogs!

Chatter Up! Phillies @ Mets 5/25-5/27

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Welcome to this Years First Edition of “Chatter Up”, Throughout the season we will be asking 5 questions to each teams affiliate blogger concerning their respective teams and the upcoming series. We open up with the hottest rivalry in the division for the last few seasons, The Philadelphia Phillies Vs. The New York Mets.

Answering our questions concerning the Mets and this upcoming series we have James Figueroa from “The Real Dirty Metsblog”

Mets Logo

Q: What do you see the Mets doing Long Term with their open spots in the rotation behind Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana?

A: If by long term your referring to this season, I would say the rotation will be as it was on opening day. Realistically, I see Oliver Perez back in the rotation soon followed by Jon Niese. The real question mark is John Maine. I think the Mets will take a hard look at a guy like Milwood and perhaps make an offer for his services but thats about it. I do not think Roy Oswalt is coming to the Mets.

Q:  Has this rivalry become the second biggest in baseball behind the Yankees vs Red Sox?

A: If both our teams are playing well and are healthy, absolutely. No rivalry in ALL of sports is going to top Yanks/Sox, everyone knows this. Due to our recent history and the close proximity of our towns, it is the second biggest rivalry in sports. Id say the twins/sox/tigers is a close third.

Q:  After this weekend’s attendance for the Subway Series do you see the Mets fans packing the stadium this week for this rivalry as well?

A: I think it will be packed. Philly fans are very loyal to their team and they do not have a problem showing up in other peoples houses. I expect a similar crowd to the subway series, especially since we beat the Yankees 2 times in a row and we are playing good baseball.

Q:  If and When Carlos Beltran comes back, Do you see the Mets keeping Pagan in the starting line up using him in right field rather than the struggling Jeff Franceour?

A: That is an option. Due to Pagan’s awesome play this year, there is no doubt the Mets have to keep him when Beltran comes back. The obvious odd man out when that happens should be Gary Matthews Jr(im sure nobody will shed a tear at this point). The good thing about Pagan is his ability to play all the outfield positions and play them well, not to mention he can handle a bat. Pagan has played himself into the long term plans of this team.

Q: What do you feel will be Daniel Murphy’s Ultimate role to the Mets once he is ready to return?

A: His role should be what it was always supposed to be, a utility player. Daniel Murphy is a grinder who’s hard work is something that makes him a good role model for guys coming up, which seems to be the direction the Mets are going in. The players like Murphy and management likes Murphy. The other thing about Daniel that is great is his great attitude toward doing whatever the team needs him to do. Right now, he is learning other positions in AAA to help our club. A guy with that work ethic is hard to come by and is one they should try to hold on to.

Answering our questions about the Phillies and the Upcoming series we have Matt Smith from “Phillies Phandom”


1) Have the Phillies considered yet that Jimmy Rollins Calf injury might just be a lingering injury that could affect him most of the season?

It’s a definite concern, but I think Rollins and the team feel that the injury won’t hinder him throughout the year. Right now it’s considered a mild calf strain, which isn’t as severe as the first time. He should be back after the 15 days. Then again, his game is based largely on his speed, so you never know.

2) Do the Phillies handle series against the Mets any different now that they have owned the rivalry for the past 3 seasons?

It’s still a huge rivalry to the Phillies. The Mets are feeling good after taking two of three from the Yankees, while the Phillies have to regroup following their worst two games of the year against Boston. As far as I’m concerned, this is an important series. If the Mets sweep, they would be only two games out of first place.

3) Are the Phillies worried about the Back end of their Bullpen with the recent struggles of Ryan Madson and the durability of Brad Lidge?

Jose Contreras has done a fantastic job in Lidge’s place. Danys Baez is just another guy. The bullpen is average at best, but not bad. I think the team realizes it can get by without Lidge and Madson for a while. Right now, the bullpen situation is not a concern.

4) Who do you feel will be the biggest threat to the Phillies in this year’s NL East Race down the road?

The Braves are playing really well right now. With their starting pitching, they can get hot and stay hot. I would say they are the No. 1 favorite to knock off the Phils.

5) Are there any problems the Phillies are concerned about for the rest of this season, despite looking as the class of the NL once again thus far?

Injuries. We’ve managed to be OK without J.A. Happ and Rollins virtually the entire season. We’re hanging on right now, but one more major injury would kill us. Every team has its issues, but at this point, I don’t see how the Phillies lose the NL East unless major injuries are a factor. This is a team that knows how to win when it has to win.

Special Thanks to both James Figueroa and Matt Smith

Check out there blogs for more information on these teams:

The Real Dirty Mets Blog

Phillies Phandom Blog

Daily Recap from 6/10/09

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Mr Met: "I'm a Man!"

Mr. Met: "I'm a Man!"

The Mets (31-26) were defeated by the Phillies (34-23) in an extra innings battle by the score of 5-4. After a game saving catch by Jayson Werth in the bottom of the 10th, the Phillies Chase Utley hit the go ahead solo homerun off Bobby Parnell to lead off the 11th inning for his second homerun of the game and third of the series overall.  David Wright continued his hot hitting going 3 for 5 and  his agressiveness on the base paths stealing his 15th & 16th bases of the year. Phillies ace Cole Hamels was knocked around for 11 hits  on 4 runs in 5 innings, but the bullpen held the Mets to just 4 hits thereafter. Mike Pelfrey gave the Mets a “quality start” pitching 6+ innings only allowing 2 earned runs while also providing some offense with 2 hits and an Rbi on the night. The Mets and Phillies will play the rubber game of the series tonight at Citi Fieldd (7:10pm) where Mets RHP Tim Redding (0-2 6.97 ERA) will faceoff against Phillies LHP Jamie Moyer (4-5 6.27 ERA). For more info on the Mets go to

"I miss Shea!"

"I miss Shea!"

The Braves (29-29) lost the third game of their four game set versus the Pirates last night 3-2.  Jair Jurrjens (5-4)  pitched a “quality start”  despite picking up his fourth loss of the season going 6 innings while only alllowing 2 runs. Yunel Escobar continued his hot hitting going 2 for 4 raising his average to .302 on the season. The Braves will look to win the final game of the series this afternoon (1pm) where Braves RHP Javier Vasquez (4-5 3.43 ERA) will faceoff against Pirates LHP Paul Maholm (4-2 3.70 ERA). For more info on the Braves go to

Who ordered the fried fish?

Who ordered the fried fish?

The Marlins (29-32) suffered a blowout loss versus the Cardinals last night 13-4. Chris Volstad (4-6) took the loss  in a bad outing giving up 6 runs on 10hits over 5.2 innings. Jeremy Hermida continued to swing a hot bat going 3 for 5 , including his 8th homerun on the season. Marlins firstbasemen Jorge Cantu had to leave the game in the 7th inning due to dizziness and was not expected in the starting lineup for todays matinee game. The Marlins will look to win the rubber game of the series this afternoon (1pm) where Marlins LHP Andrew Miller (2-2 4.30ERA) will faceoff against Cardinals RHP Todd Wellemeyer (5-6 5.50 ERA).

It's not your fault young fella

It's not your fault young fella

The Nationals (15-42) suffered a tough loss by the score of 4-2 to the Reds  late last night after  a 9th inning rally to force the game into extra innings.  Nationals catcher Josh Bard (2 for 4) singled in the first run of the 9th, followed by a game tying single off the bat of pinch hitter Alberto Gonzalez. Ron Villone (3-1) took the loss on the night, walking the go ahead run which eventually scored off a double given up by Jason Bergmann. The Nationals will look to salvage the final game of the series this afternoon (4:35pm) where Nats LHP John Lannan (3-5 3.68 ERA) will faceoff against Reds RHP Micah Owings (3-7 4.90 ERA).

Daily Recap from 6/9/09

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Umm...this guy seems awfully familiar

Umm...this guy seems awfully familiar

The Braves (29-28) won the second game of a four game set versus Pittsburgh last night to climb over the .500 mark  for only the second time this season since April 16th.  Derek Lowe (7-3) notched his seventh win of the season, pitching seven strong innings while only allowing 3 earned runs. Yunel Escobar looks to be returning to form going 3 for 4 including the 2 run go ahead single in last night’s victory.

New Closer? He prefers the one hand point to the sky celebration

New Closer? He prefers the one hand point to the sky celebration

In what appears to be a possible reversal of roles, Mike Gonzalez pitched a scoreless eighth inning while Rafael Soriano got his 5th save of the season. Soriano has quietly been having a very impressive season thus far sporting these numbers (27IP 15H 3R 9BB 37SO 0.87 WHIP 0.98 ERA). The Braves continue their series with the Pirates later tonight (7Pm) and will send their young stud Jair Jurrjens (5-3 2.84era) to the mound in a faceoff versus the recetly acquired former brave Charlie Morton. For more info on the braves go to

All in favor say Aye

All in favor say Aye

The Marlins (29-31) opened up a three game set with the Cardinals last night with a victory in dramatic fashion thanks to a walk off solo homerun off the bat of Jeremy Hermida in the bottom of the 9th. Josh Johnson (5-1) battled Chris Carpenter and received a no decision pitching seven strong innings while only allowing three runs. Marlins starting catcher John Baker was forced to leave the game early in the top of the 6th inning after a vicious swing by Albert Pujols knocked off his mask, leaving a cut over his left eye. The Marlins will continue their series vs the Cardinals tonight (7:10pm) in another good pitching match-up Chris Volstad (4-5 3.65era) vs. Adam Wainwright (5-4 3.35era).

Spelling Bee Champions?

Spelling Bee Champions?

The Nationals (15-41) opened their three game set with the Reds with a loss last night. In a day where Nationals fans had something to be hopeful for with the #1 pick Stephen Strasburg , scheduled starter Jordan Zimmermann was scratched from the game due to elbow soreness. One of their former #1 picks from the 2007 draft Ross Detwiler (0-3 5.06 era) stepped in and picked up his third loss of the season despite giving his team a “quality start” pitching six innings allowing three earned runs. Ryan Zimmerman continued his hot hitting going 2 for 4. The Nationals continue their series at home tonight (7:05 pm), rookie Shairon Martis( 5-1 5.31era) will take the mound vs. Aaron Harang (5-6 4.11era).


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Soon, this will have a huge amount of data which will be dedicated to all things NL East. We are however, looking for Bloggers and fans for all teams in the NL East. If you fill this, please email and we will respond as soon as possible.

In the time being, check out for our forum site and for our blog.

Thanks and keep checking back too!