Not Werth it?

Posted by mattsmith on 1:10pm, Friday May 27th 2011

Washington, D.C.-area reporters are having a field day with Jayson Werth’s lack of production.

Let’s face it, Werth isn’t worth more than Carl Crawford. He’s not an elite outfielder, either. He’s very good … but will never, ever, ever be a franchise player.

But he is in Washington, whether he likes it or not. The guy rubbed people the wrong way for years in Philly  … what makes you think he’ll stop being a prick in D.C.? Just saying…

Werth is struggling (.254 batting av.g, .207 risp) as the Nationals continue to slide down in the NL East.

It’s hard to tell anymore who’s worse — the Nats or Mets?

Anyway, here’s a link to the Washington Post column. Pretty interesting stuff from Werth here.

And the media in D.C. have had it with the guy … and it’s not even June!

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