NEWS: Halladay did not go all Ice Cube on that anaconda’s ass

Posted by mattsmith on 3:09pm, Tuesday February 21st 2012

OK, there were reports (albeit, unsubstantiated reports) over the winter that Roy Halladay was fishing with some buddies in the Amazon — perfectly logical place to hunt for trout, I know — saved a man from an anaconda death grip.

Halladay is something like a superhero every fifth day … but this seemed way too, well, far-fetched and probably not true. But the blogosphere had a field day with it, even though Halladay never addressed the incident in the offseason (he, like just about 95 percent of the Phillies, are MIA in the winter; Tweetaholics Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are the exception).

Anyways, Halladay finally dispelled this tale of self-sacrifice and bravery (and stupidity, to be honest) at his introductory spring training press conference Tuesday.

“I was not wrestling snakes. I was nowhere near snakes. We were just driving back. We had been fishing all day and we were on the boat driving back. We happened to see a guy sitting on the shoreline without clothes. We couldn’t talk to him. The guides had to talk to him – they were speaking Portuguese. He had been attacked by a snake and escaped. But it had ripped the engine off his boat and left all his stuff out in the river. So we picked up his stuff, picked him up, and drove him back to his tribe I guess you would call it.”

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted…

God damn.

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