What’s we’ve learned from spring training games (all two of them)

Posted by mattsmith on 6:20pm, Sunday March 4th 2012

  • Roy Halladay is the greatest pitcher in the game … except when it comes to facing the leadoff hitter. Batters feasted on Doc in those situations a year ago. It’s what eventually killed the Phillies in Game 5 of the NLDS (well, that and the fact the Phillies’ bats were nonexistent). Consequently Doc’s BAA was .239, decent by his standards (granted, so many hits off Doc were bloopers and seeing-eye stuff).
  • Is it me, or is Michael Martinez exceptionally awful this spring? I don’t care the Phillies dealt Wilson Valdez to keep Martinez. What I would care about is if they decide to keep Martinez while other, more deserving guys are overlooked at the end of spring. Fact is, Martinez is no better than a Triple-A lifer. He shouldn’t have a spot on the big-league roster.
  • Freddy Galvis showed some good plate discipline and had two ground ball hits, including a shot down the first-base line. Still needs to learn more about the art of hitting. I already want him over Martinez, but chances are he’ll “need to play everyday in Lehigh” (I’m predicting that will be a direct quote from Rubes or Chuck). B.S. I say let him be the super-utility guy out of spring training, and he’ll get more playing time than you think. He’ll probably end up starting 3-4 nights a week, because you sure as hell know at least three of the four infield spots are big IFs. If Galvis shows he belongs, DON’T SEND HIM DOWN FOR “MORE SEASONING”!!! I don’t want to see the Phillies brass F__k with him the way they dicked around with Utley 7-8 years ago.He’s a plus defender and a work-in-process hitter. Let him stay … if he shows this kind of  ”potential” throughout the month of March.
  • Phillippe Aumont looks like the Giant Gonzalez of WWF 90s lore, and probably throws like him, too. A big mess of an arm destined for middle relief mediocrity.
  • Lou Montanez is in camp?
  • Juan Pierre is a fifth outfielder who should be playing no where else other than CF (and if you say he’s “the perfect leadoff hitter” and “great at stealing bases,” I will track you down and kick you in the nads). He showed some nice things, but honestly, I think I’d rather have Podsednik.

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