Braves a good litmus test

Posted by mattsmith on 11:43am, Tuesday May 1st 2012

It’s hard to say a series in May is a must-win, but this is the Phillies’ chance to show one of two things.

1) They are still the team to beat in the NL East, despite a deplorably bad lineup and a so-so bullpen. This is, truly, the first “show me” series of the season. Braves are a playoff contender.

2) The lineup is deplorably bad and the bullpen so-so; the Braves will overmatch them.

Key to the series: Phillies need seven-plus innings out of both Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels. There’s a good chance the Phillies score no more than four runs any game this series. If you’re perusing sports betting sites , Hamels v. Beachy and Halladay v. Hanson in Games 1 and 2 calls for taking the under as runs will come at a premium. But if the Phils’ starting pitching doesn’t keep ‘em in it, the Braves should quite easily win at least two out of three.

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