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Blame the bloggers for Nats-Phillies rivalry getting out of hand

Posted by mattsmith on 3:37pm, Friday May 4th 2012

Good for the Washington Nationals.

I hope they take back their park. I hope they draw more than 22,000 of their own fans. I hope, in fact, they shut up the growing amount of obnxious Phillies fans who plan to invade and take over “Citizens Bank South” this weekend. When a Phillies player does something good this week, I want to hear an overwhelmingly amount of boos over a spattering of cheers.

CrossingBroad.com’s Kyle Scott does some mildly amusing stuff. It’s mostly sophomoric, offensive, sexist uber-homer material targeted at the blind loyalist/close-minded/poorly-educated/drunk-all-day-drunk-all-night/foul-mouthed Philadelphia sports fan. And that’s fine, for what it is. Hell, he’s more successful a blogger than I will ever be, so I give him kudos for that.

He organized a bus trip to Nats Park in response to the Nationals’ campaign to stop Phillies fans from overrunning the place. Hey, I hated seeing Mets fans flood CBP from 2004-07 with that stupid “Let’s Go Mets!” chant, so, I can really appreciate why the Nats brass decided to do this and started promoting this particular series months and months in advance.

Scott berates the Nationals fans, over and over, by making fun of their low attendance figures and whatnot (Good points. Even with Harper and Strasburg, Nats fans still aren’t showing up to the park).

But Scott apparently has never seen an empty Vet Stadium or a half-full CBP. It’s as if years and years and years and years of futility never existed here.

Someday soon, the Nationals are going to take over the NL East. Someday soon, their fans — hundreds and hundreds of them — will invade Citizens Bank Park. And fans like Scott should realize this: The Nats ARE GOING TO BE VERY, VERY GOOD. It’s happening right now.

Scott tried saving face in a post earlier today, basically telling people to keep everything in perspective and don’t be assholes. Everything he had done up to that point, he says, has been in “good fun.” This, coincidentally, came after Crashburn Alley sent a call to Phillies fans telling them to knock off the bullshit. CrashburnAlley lambasted Scott, and deservedly so. ┬áIf you haven’t read the CA piece, it’s a must-read.

I pissed my pants reading this little gem from Scott’s post:

“Philly fans get a bad rap, undeservingly so.”

What Scott doesn’t see is, it’s people like him who are responsible for that bad rap. He just adds more fuel to the fire, time and time again.

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