Kendrick avoids arbitration

Posted by mattsmith on 18th January 2011

Right-hander Kyle Kendrick and the Phillies avoided salary arbitration Tuesday by agreeing to a one-year, $2.45 million contract.

Kendrick is slotted to be a long reliever if the Phillies do not trade Joe Blanton, who has been rumored to be dealt ever since the signing of Cliff Lee.

If Blanton is traded, Kendrick will compete for the No. 5 starter spot with right-handed rookie Vance Worley

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Gameday: Halladay to pitch Game 1

Posted by mattsmith on 12th May 2010

Tuesday, May 11th

Phillies vs. Rockies

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: First doubleheader of the season. (I hate when Phils games are rained out on my off nights from work. Thankfully, I was still able to watch some good baseball. Mets-Nats game was a blast, as was the A’s-Rangers… OK, sorry for the tangent).

Game 1 is scheduled for 3:10 p.m. with Roy Halladay (6-1, 1.45) toeing the slab against Aaron Cook (1-3, 6.03). This is a homecoming for Doc. He grew up in Colorado, but has never pitched in Coors.

Game 2 will feature Jamie Moyer (4-2, 4.38) coming off his best start in years, a two-hit shutout of the Braves.  The Rockies counter with Jason Hammel (0-2, 9.16), who, if I can remember correctly, pitched pretty darn well his last time out against the Phils. It will be the struggling Hammel’s first start since April 26.

NL East Update

The Phillies (20-12) are 2.5 games in front of the second-place Mets (18-15) and Nationals (18-15). The Mets rallied from a 6-1 deficit to beat the Nats last night, 8-6.

Fun Phact: On this date in 1947, a crowd of 41,660 — the largest in baseball history at the time — came out to Shibe Park to watch the Phillies sweep a doubleheader against Brooklyn.

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Hamels is getting better

Posted by mattsmith on 10th May 2010

Cole Hamels labored through five innings against the Braves Sunday… another inconsistent start from the 26-year-old.

While Hamels breezed through the first three, he through a combined 64 pitches in the next two innings. In the fifth, he clearly lost his command, but managed to allow only three runs despite facing eight hitters.

It’s a disturbing trend that Hamels  is starting. He’s followed excellent starts with so-so outings in each of last four starts. It’s worrisome, but it’s a vast improvement from last year, in which he looked terrible in all but maybe five regular-season appearances.

Fans are likely pulling their hair out over Hamels’ inconsistency. However, I’d prefer to take a more positive viewpoint.

Hamels is a vastly improved pitcher in 2010. He resembles the guy who won a pair of MVPs in the postseason. The only difference in 2010 compared to 2008 is the face that he is maturing and still working on things.

Hamels still has the filthy change up, but he no longer can be a two-pitch pitcher. He’s working in a sweeping curve ball, which is below average at best, and a cutter, which I believe has looked pretty OK. He used it quite often to tail away against left-handed hitters and to jam right-handed batters against Braves.

Cole Hamels is on the right track. He might take his lumps some more this year, but he’s a guy who is still figuring out how good he can be.

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Happ takes step back

Posted by mattsmith on 1st May 2010

J.A. Happ’s recovery from a left forearm strain is not going well.

The 26-year-old lefty suffered a setback while rehabbing Friday. He threw a 20-pitch bullpen session, which didn’t go well.

It’s might be another week or 10 days before he can play in minor league rehab games.

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It’s true, Lidge is the key to the season

Posted by mattsmith on 30th April 2010

It’s one big “no duh” that the Phillies haven’t quite looked like the Phillies all season.

Well, ever since Jimmy Rollins went down, the team has resembled some kind of warped edition of the 2009 Mets.

J-Roll might not be back until mid-May (ugh), but Joe Blanton and is on his way.

What about Brad Lidge? He’s probably the most important pitcher on the staff. We can overrated Cole Hamels all we want… the guy is what he is – a No. 2 starter at best, but never an ace.

Lidge, though, is a bigger question mark.

He returns to the bullpen Friday. Now that he’s back, Ryan Madson and J.C. Romero can go back to playing set up men; Chad Durbin and Danys Baez the middle relief.

Everything, at long last, is beginning to take shape.

We don’t need a 2008 Brad Lidge. Please, not a 2009 version, either ….

Somewhere in between, perhaps. If Lidge can shows flashes of 2008, the Phils are in good shape.

But ’09 is still fresh in everybody’s mind.

And he still scares the living &^%$ out of me each time he takes the hill….

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Phillies Gameday: Mets fans are done hybernating

Posted by phillies09 on 28th April 2010

Phillies vs. Giants

3:45 PM EST at AT&T Park

Tim Lincecum bro

Tim Lincecum bro

If you asked a Mets fan two weeks ago about the Phillies extravagant play, you got a response that mocked how it was the beginning of the season. Now the Mets are in first (and their is no denying they’re playing exceptional baseball), however, even our friends at TRDMB are buying the Kool Aid.

But my role here isn’t to comment on my jealousy of having to watch this apathetic team drop in the standings. My role is to tell you about how the last guy you want your team to face when they’re on the verge of getting swept and a four game losing streak, all while scoring less run than the Pirates…is Tim Lincecum. “The Freak” is a freak. The reason you haven’t heard much about is 4-0 start and meager 1.00 ERA, is because those are the standards which have become expected of him. The Phillies currently score runs like a team with a third of their payroll, and that’s bad news facing a guy who hasn’t had above a six hit game all season.

The good news is that we’ve got California boy Cole Hamels taking the mound tonight (#sarcasm). He got rocked a little bit in the Arizona desert last start (6 IP, 6 ER), so hopefully he can rebound with a solid showing similar to his earlier form.

I’m not even going to mention that Howard has a good track record off of Linceum, including two homers, because at this point history doesn’t matter. Just go and score some runs somehow…please.

Lineup today goes Victorino, Polanco, Utley, Howard, Werth, Ibanez, Castro, Ruiz, Hamels.

Fun Phact – The Phillies haven’t been in second in the NL East since May 29, 2009

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Phillies Gameday: Yawn

Posted by phillies09 on 27th April 2010

Phillies vs. Giants

10:15 PM EST at AT&T Park

Hoping to see a lot of this tonight

Last night’s game was pretty unwatchable if you ask me. A team that was so much fun to watch seven games into the season has become a lifeless pile of crap. Luckily, it takes just one game to change it all, and Giants’ pitcher Todd Wellemeyer is the perfect man for the job.

Wellemeyer has been about as close to garbage as a starting pitcher could be three starts into the season. Thirteen earned runs in 14.1 innings? Seriously? Now I know that the Phillies have some injury problems and Rollins is a big loss at the top of the order, but his ERA is 8.16 for Christ’s sake. They’ve been getting the men in position, and now is the time to start knocking ‘em in. Wellemeyer (RHP) is 0-3 and is currently signed to a minor league contract. If he isn’t gone by the third inning, I consider the night a failure.

For the Phillies tonight we have the fast throwing youngster, Jamie Moyer. At 47 years old, I still wonder whether it will be his age or his fastball speed that is higher by the time he retires. I digress… Sans the first inning of the Marlins game two starts ago, Moyer’s actually looked great. He’s even at eleven straight scoreless innings.

Finally a little scouting report on the Phils hitters vs. Wellemeyer. Utley feasts at 7 for 11, 3 HR, 6 RBI. Howard is close behind at 4 for 7, 2 HR, 4 RBI. Werth stinks at 0 for 5, 2BB. And even Ross Gload gets in on the action with 2 HR in 4 AB.

Fun Phact – In 2007, Placido Polanco became the first everyday second baseman in MLB history to finish an entire season without an error. He also batted .341 with 200 hits.

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Recap: Halladay shaky, offense nonexistent

Posted by mattsmith on 27th April 2010

Monday, April 26th

Giants 5, Phillies 1

The Phillies left a Titanic passenger’s list-size of men on base and Roy Halladay was by and large not Roy Halladay-like in a Game 1 loss to San Francisco.

Since starting 8-1, the Phils are 3-7, including 3-4 on their current nine-game road trip.

Halladay suffered his first loss in red pinstripes, allowing five runs over seven innings. Jonathan Sanchez wasn’t sharp, either, but the offensive woes continued for the Phils, who mustered a grand total of four hits, three of which came off the bat of Shane Victorino.

The series continues tonight when Jamie Moyer (2-1, 5.00) opposes Todd Wellemeyer (0-3, 8.16).

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BREAKING: Phils sign Howard to $125 extension

Posted by mattsmith on 26th April 2010

According to a report, the Phillies have agreed to terms with Ryan Howard on a five year, $125 million contract extension.

The extension will begin in 2012 and go through the 2016 season.

Howard was set to become a free agent after 2011.

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Phillies Gameday Lineup

Posted by phillies09 on 25th April 2010

Phillies vs. Diamondbacks

4:10 PM EST at Chase Field

Ashburn Alley blows away Chase Fields stupid pool

Ashburn Alley blows away Chase Field's stupid pool

Kyle Kendrick will take the mound in Arizona tonight against Diamondbacks’ pitcher Rodrigo Lopez (1-0, 3.50 ERA). The Phils look to take the series despite the handful of injuries that have developed as of late.

The lineup will be the most abnormal (and probably weakest) that we’ve seen all season. Thanks to Delco Times beat writer, Ryan Lawrence -

  1. Ross Gload (Right Field)
  2. Greg Dobbs (Third)
  3. Chase Utley
  4. Ryan Howard
  5. Jayson Werth (Center)
  6. Raul Ibanez
  7. Wilson Valdez (Shortstop)
  8. Carlos Ruiz
  9. Kyle Kendrick

Interesting to see that despite all the injuries and call ups, Charlie doesn’t want to move Carlos up in the order. His OBP this year is over .400.

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