It can’t get worse than this, can it??

Posted by mattsmith on 20th April 2012

Straight from Todd Zolecki’s blog this morning:

“The Phillies rank 14th in the league in on-base percentage (.280), 15th in slugging percentage (.325) and 15th in runs per game average (2.85). If those averages look horrendous, they are. No National League team has finished a season with a worse on-base percentage since the 1965 Mets (.277); a worse slugging percentage since the 1968 Dodgers (.319), 1968 Astros (.317) and 1968 Mets (.315); or a worse runs per game average than the 1942 Phillies (2.61).”

The suckitude cannot worsen, right? At some point, even an anemic rehabilitates and becomes stronger… right???

Funny how things work in baseball. Just three years ago, the Phillies were widely regarded as having the best offense in the National League, behind only the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays, maybe, in the majors.

Three years later, this is the worst lineup contructed since the Terry Francona era. Juan Pierre, John Mayberry Jr, Freddy Galvis (who will be a good player, but not this year), Placido Polanco are regulars.

Heck, does anyone in the lineup scare anyone? Or, how about this repharse: does anyone in the lineup excite or entertain anymone?

Rollins? Not anymore.
Polanco? Yeah, right…
Pierre? Don’t get me started.

Mayberry has been a disaster and looks absolutely lost at the plate. Chooch is what he is. He’s honestly the most popular Phillie right now, I’m convinced. Everybody loves the guy, but I don’t think the e-word when I think of Ruiz.

Maybe Shane Victorino, when he’s going real good. But he, like just about everyone else, has been nothing more than a singles hitter.

Honestly, the “watch” value of this club is at a low. I don’t think I’ve been this disinterested or disgusted since circa 2006, when the Abreus, Lieberthals and Liebers were clogging up roster spots.

On any given night, when I’m not working, I tend to pay more attention Nationals games or Mets games (best broadcast team in baseball), Tigers, Rays, Royals, etc. on MLB.TV than I do the Phils.


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Doing it the ‘Philly Way’

Posted by mattsmith on 11th August 2009

The Phillies could have comfortable 10-game cushion in the NL East.

Ten games? Nah, that wouldn’t be the Philly Way. That’s too easy!

For years, after the 1993 season, this franchise was among the worst in baseball.

In 2000, after Terry Francona was canned, Larry Bowa was hired to light a fire under the organization. Bowa did just that, and in the process, shoved out our second best third baseman in franchise history (Scott Rolen) and made a lot of clubhouse enemies in the process.

Sure, Bowa rejuvenated a dying fanbase with his Philly-like managing style. Fans love his aggressive approach.

The Phillies, for a few seasons, were a playoff contender… but could never quite get over the hump.

Charlie Manuel came along in 2005, followed by general manager guru Pat Gillick in 2006. After  1 1/2 years of underachieving with Manuel at the helm, Gillick made one bold trade that turned everything around.

Gillick dealt “Numbers Guy Only, Not A Difference-Maker No Matter What You Think” Bobby Abreu and clubhouse cancer Cory Lidle (deceased) to the Yankees for a bag of balls (including my namesake, Matt Smith, who saw limited action in relief)…

Gillick vowed that, by 2009, the team would be competitive again.

The Phillies, though, went on a late-season run in 2006. They captured the division title in 2007 and 2008, and of course, a World Series championship.

We became a winning ball club after Gillick got rid of the Mike Lieberthals, Randy Wolfs, Abreus, Vicente Padillas, etc.

Those guys were bums.

The point of all this is (if you can believe it)… even with this current core of great players (Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, etc.), the Phillies have always been very, very difficult about things. They could have opened up a sizable lead in the division, but that’s not how they roll…

The Phils excel when they have their back against the wall. When the pressure is on, this team shows up to play.

Busted eyes, broke nose, fat lip... The Phillies, like our beloved fictional boxing champ, Rocky, will never back down...

Busted eyes, broken nose, fat lip... The Phillies, like our beloved fictional boxing champ, Rocky, will never back down from a fight. In the end, the true champion will emerge victorious.

What fun would it be to watch meaningless baseball in September? Seriously…

So, go ahead Marlins fans, enjoy your current hot streak. You’ve got a good team and should be proud of your sweep.

But don’t get too carried away. The Phillies will be back. September is right around the corner…

This is the Philly Way…

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