NL East Lineups for 4-8-2011

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Today is the first home game for a couple NL East teams.  First, the New York Mets open the third season at Citi Field against the Nationals at 4:05PM.  The lineup is below.

Today's lineup: Desmond, ss; Werth, rf; Zimmerman, 3b; LaRoche, 1b; Morse, lf; Ankiel, cf; Espinosa, 2b; Rodriguez, c; Zimmermann, rhp
Nationals PR
Mets Home Opener Line-Up vs. Washington: Reyes-ss, Pagan-cf, Wright-3b, Beltran-rf, Davis-1b, Harris-lf, Emaus-2b, Thole-c, Dickey-p
New York Mets

Later, at 7:05pm, The Marlins will travel to Houston to face the Astros at MinuteMaid Park for the ‘Stros home opener

#Marlins 4/8 at Hou: Coghlan 8, Infante 4, Ramirez 6, Sanchez 3, Morrison 7, Murphy 5, Bonifacio 9, Hayes 2, Nolasco 1

No twitter with Astros lineup

Finally, the Braves open their season at Turner Field as the NL Favorite Philadelphia Phillies come to town in a 7:35 start

Phillies' Lineup @ Braves: Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, Rollins SS, Howard 1B, Francisco RF, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Valdez 2B, Lee P
Phillies Network
Tonight's lineup (7:35 Peachtree TV/FS South): Prado LF McLouth CF Chipper 3B McCann C Uggla 2B Heyward RF Gonzalez SS Freeman 1B Hudson P
Atlanta Braves

Check out Real Dirty Mets for Mets news at NLEC, Centerfield Gate for Nats news and Phillies Phandom for Phillies info.  If you’d like to write about any of the NL East teams, especially the Braves and Marlins, please contact


NL East Lineups for 4-7-2011

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NL East action gets underway today with the Braves finishing a four game set against the Brewers in Milwaukee.  The Braves look to split the series before leaving town.

#Braves lineup: Prado 5 McLouth 8 McCann 2 Uggla 4 Heyward 9 Gonzalez 6 Freeman 3 Young 7 Hanson 1
Mark Bowman
Today's #Brewers lineup: 2B Weeks, CF Gomez, LF Braun, 1B Fielder, 3B McGehee, SS Betancourt, RF Morgan, C Kottaras, P Marcum
The Brewer Nation

Next, the Mets and Phillies play the finale and rubber match of their first series of the year today at 3:05 in Philadelphia

Mets Thursday lineup @ Philly: Reyes-SS, Harris-LF, Wright-3B, Davis-1B, Pagan-CF, Duda-RF, Emaus-2B, Thole-C, Niese-LHP
New York Mets
Thursday #Phillies lineup: Victorino 8, Polanco 5, Rollins 6, Howard 3, Francisco 9, Ibanez 7, Ruiz 2, Valdez 4, Halladay 1
Adam Rubin

Later tonight, the Nationals will finish up their series against the Marlins lineups are available now..

Lineup at Marlins - Desmond 6, Werth 9, Zim 5, LaRoche 3, Ramos 2, Ankiel 8, Espinosa 4, Nix 7, Lannan 1
Nationals PR
#Marlins 4/7 vs Was: coghlan 8, infante 4, ramirez 6, sanchez 3, morrison 7, buck 2, helms 5, bonifacio 9, johnson 1




NL East Lineups for 4-6-2011

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Tonight, the NL East teams are back in action.

The Phillies and Mets matchup for the second of a three game set.

Wednesday's Mets lineup @ Philly: Reyes-SS, Harris-LF, Wright-3B, Beltran-RF, Pagan-CF, Davis-1B, Emaus-2B, Thole-C, Pelfrey-RHP
New York Mets
2nite's lineup (Mets)-Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, J Roll SS, Howard 1B, Ibanez LF, Francisco RF, Orr 2B, Schneider C, Blanton P. Pelfrey P NYM

Next, The Braves play the third of a four game set in Milwaukee

Tonight's lineup (8:10ET SportSouth):Prado - 7Freeman - 3Chipper - 5McCann - 2Uggla - 4Heyward - 9Gonzalez - 6Young - 8Minor - 1
Atlanta Braves
Tonight's #Brewers lineup: 2B Weeks, CF Gomez, LF Braun, 1B Fielder, 3B McGehee, RF Almonte, SS Betancourt, C Nieves, P Estrada
The Brewer Nation

And finally, the Nats try to rebound from an extra inning loss to the Marlins in Miami last night.

Lineup at #Marlins: Desmond 6, Werth 9, Zim 5, LaRoche 3, Morse 7, Ankiel 8, Espinosa 4, Pudge 2, Hernandez 1.
Nationals PR
#Marlins 4/6 vs Was: coghlan 8, infante 4, ramirez 6, sanchez 3, morrison 7, buck 2, murphy 5, bonifacio 9, volstad 1


NL East Lineups for 4-5-2011

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The New York Mets (2-1) head into Philadelphia Phillies (3-0)

Mets Tuesday lineup @ Philly: Reyes-SS, Pagan-CF, Wright-3B, Beltran-RF, Hairston-LF, Davis-1B, Emaus-2B, Nickeas-C, Young-RHP
New York Mets
Tonight's lineup (Mets)-Victorino CF, Polanco 3B, J Roll SS, Howard 1B, Ibanez LF, Francisco RF, Ruiz C, Valdez 2B, Hamels P. Young P Mets.

The Braves (3-1) continue a set at the Milwaukee Brewers (0-4)

Tonight's lineup (8:10ET FS South):Prado - 7McLouth - 8Jones - 5McCann - 2Uggla - 4Heyward - 9Gonzalez - 6Hinske - 3Lowe - 1
Atlanta Braves
#Brewers vs. Braves - Weeks 4 Morgan 8 Braun 7 Fielder 3 McGehee 5 Kotsay 9 Counsell 6 Kottaras 2 Gallardo 1
Tyler Barnes

And finally, the Washington Nationals (1-2) start a three game set against the Florida Marlins (1-2) in Miami

#Nats lineup vs. #Marlins: Hairston-2B, Werth-RF, Zim-3B, LaRoche-1B, Morse-LF, Ankiel-CF, Ramos-C, Cora-SS, Marquis-P
William Ladson
#Marlins 4/5 vs Was: coghlan 8, infante 4, ramirez 6, gsanchez 3, morrison 7, buck 2, murphy 5, bonifacio 9, asanchez 1

Castilllo in Philly Experiment: Over

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The Phillies have released Luis Castillo.
Todd Zolecki


That was quick

ESPN Picks are in

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ESPN has posted all of their predictions for NL/AL playoff teams and wild card winners.  Not surprisingly, there is a huge amount of people picking the Red Sox to come out of the American League, with some sprinkled in Yankees a few random picks like the White Sox or the Rays.
In the National League, there are more people than I expected thinking the Braves would make it to the Fall Classic, but the Phillies are still everyone’s favorite.  I am surprised that with the love affair that is the Phillies and their potentially potent rotation, the number of people who pick them not to make it to the World Series and in some cases, not even make the playoffs.

Click here to check the picks out yourself and discuss.  One other note, in case you were delirious and were hoping, not one person picked the Mets, Nationals or Marlins to even make the playoffs.

Goodbye Spring training, hello regular season

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Four weekends, five spring training visits.

This year, with a tight personal life schedule, four of the five visits were to the New York Mets facility in Port St Lucie, Florida.  The New York Mets PR crew was gracious in allowing myself and some from The Real Dirty Mets Blog to have Field Passes to those games.  This allowed us to get a ton of great pictures (album links will be posted later), a couple quick player interactions, and an experience that makes any baseball fan excited for the season, no matter who you root for.

We most recently saw Carlos Beltran participating in a minor league game, playing Right Field and rehabbing his knee.  While watching how he has progressed, we were lucky enough to meet Michael Baron, who writes for MetsBlog and takes fantastic photos (much better than mine), as well as Howard Megdal a fantastic writer for multiple sites. Very enjoyable watching the game and talkin’ baseball with these two.

We made our way back to the main field to see the middle innings of a Mets Spring Training win versus a mainly B squad which traveled for the Braves, but saw some bright spots for the Mets with Emaus, and a cameo by Wilmer Flores late in the game.  He is a big guy! (pictures in album links below)

Finally, we attended another Terry Collins post game and with some help again by Michael Baron, we got a couple more great pics and heard and twitter’d some news regarding the Mets 2B situation at the time.

Not to be missed, I also made a short trip over to Wide World of Sports on Sunday to take in some Phillies and Braves baseball.  The facility is beautiful, although the traffic getting in and out was quite annoying.  Besides seeing Kawakami go for the Braves, who since has been sent to the minors , we saw a fun game and even saw what looked like regular season fan interaction.  Many Phillies fans were quite excited about Spring training play against a minor league pitcher, but hey.. its almost that time, so who can really blame them?

It was a great spring, each weekend filled with great baseball.  I will be heading down to Miami for the opening game of the Mets and Marlins season on Friday as well, armed with my camera, and my phone for some twitter posts.

Here are all the albums from this spring:

March 6, 2011 Red Sox @ Mets

March 13,2011 Cardinals @ Mets

March 19, 2011 Nats @ Mets

March 26,2011 Braves @ Mets

March 26,2011 Phillies @ Braves

I’m also looking forward to another growing year for NLEC and all the blogs underneath it.  With that said, we are still looking for new bloggers for the Marlins and Braves and additional writers for Centerfield Gate, NL East Chatter and Phillies Phandom.  Please contact me at @nleastchatter on twitter.

An NL East Chatter update

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I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Training for their teams.  I just want to send a reminder that although we are still in need of Braves and Marlins blogs, our others are going strong.

Please visit Real Dirty Mets for all your Mets News, CenterfieldGate for all Nats, and finally, Phillies Phandom to find out how the NL Favorites are fairing.

NL East Chatter will be getting ramped up again soon with editorials, NL East News and daily recaps when the season starts again.  Until then, watch our reports and pictures from Spring training and please email if you are interested in writing for any of the NL East Chatter blogs!

Offseason Report Card: Phillies

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With only one month until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, it’s time for the Command Center to give its offseason grades to the teams in the NL East.   It’s been an interesting winter, so here it goes…

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies made the move of the Hot Stove season by landing Cliff Lee. Many, including the Command Center, were skeptical of reports that a “mystery team” was bidding on Lee.  It looked like a given that Lee would either return to Texas, or follow the trail of dollar bills to the Bronx.  Instead, the Phils went against team policy and inked Lee to a 5 year, $120 million deal.

Philadelphia might have had the best starting rotation in the league before the Lee signing.   Now, with a starting 4 of Halladay, Lee, Hamels, and Oswalt, there is no debate.  But will it be enough?  The Phils lost a key member of their starting lineup with the expected departure of Jayson Werth (more on him below), and they will be hoping that rookie Domonic Brown can help fill the void in RF.  The Phillies bullpen remains a question mark, but if their aces pitch like they are capable of – and stay healthy – that might not matter.

Command Center’s Grade: B+

I went with a weighted average here.  I give them an A for having Lee on board for 2011, but feel the club will later regret the dollars and long term deal.  Of course, if they win it all in 2011, it will all be worth it.

What about the rest of the NL East? Stay tuned!

Another call for writers/blog owners

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Hey everyone,

Reposting this from a few weeks back:

thanks for helping us complete our first FULL season of NL East Chatter.  Our Mets (Real Dirty Mets) and Nationals (Centerfieldgate) blogs are doing great.  Our other blogs need some help.  We are looking to come back strong in 2011, like all the NL East Teams but we are looking for a few things.  Please email if you can help with any of the following.

Again , please contact us if you can help with the following, and enjoy the offseason, we will get started again here soon.

I did receive one inquiry about the Braves, but was unable to return email, please send me another email and I will surely get back to you.