It a normal practice observed or experienced that when a caller calls someone in the company, home or at site and if the expected person is not available to talk with the caller, in order to find a suitable alternative, we put him or her on hold. What happens during the caller is being on hold that’s an interesting subject to know for everybody. Just some years back, it was merely bank boring space of time to be killed waiting for the particular person.

A noble thought then came into the existence to provide something useful and better to the caller during that hold session and that resulted with providing some music to save the caller from the boredom.

The care was not taken then to know whether the music or song is liked by the listeners or not as it used to be very the taste from person to person. Further innovations in this direction brought some better ideas like to install the music in multiple languages, to down load good ear pleasing instrumental music or currently popular hit songs. The ideas were further developed to provide something really useful and better and thus the concept of advertising took birth during the on hold session.

With the developing business horizons, newer concepts and policies were made applicable for the better and beneficial growth of the business. Nobody would like to be on holdon hold while the telephonic communication but if at all someone has to bear with on-hold, it could be either boring or beneficial. Let us check the positive side of being on hold…

1 The caller can listen good music played while being on hold.

2 The caller while being on hold can select the language of his choice to listen the selective music.

3 If the marketing or advertisement is planted on the phone about your company, it would help the prospective caller to provide the information about the brand, trade, or product, this free advertisement saves lot of money.

4 A company can be benefited placing the information about its promotional events, offering discounts on various items, launching of a new product, about the trade and services are offered to the clientele, company’s future prospects in order to attract more and more potential clientele, promotional schemes offering gift items.

5 Feeding the information about company’s working hours and schedules so that a caller can realized if he has called after the hours slot mentioned and should not waste his time calling again until the next resume.

6 If the holding session is connected with the radio, a caller is getting benefitted of listening the live music or news telecasting from the radio.

7 Many companies put a message during the hold session that what to do to contact the desired person, what extension has to be used to contact or if he is not available then what to do.

8 It offers the selection of language that in which language you are comfortable to understand the instructions offered by the company.

9 During the on hold session, if the caller has selected to be on hold till he attends another call or updates himself with the information or can perform any other important work till he gets back to the person with whom he was talking.

10 Many companies are offering a space to leave your messages if the company is closed or the person with whom the caller wished to communicate, if this happens, the automated messaging system starts informing to the caller and allows him to leave message after pressing some buttons so that the message would reach to the right person when the company resumes its function next.