There is no magic secret to relationships. However, there are some things you can do to build a strong relationship and have a good chance of a lifetime together. Many of these are common sense and some remind you of the feelings you had when your relationship was new.  However, none of them are really a secret.

Love. Being in love with your partner is not enough; you need to show them you love them. And you need to do this often.  If you don’t genuinely feel love for a man, you should not be in a relationship. If you love him, feel comfortable expressing it.

Respect. You need to respect your man, and he needs to respect you. Without respect there’s little hope for your relationship. If you feel that your man is a joke, dumb, or you feel that he is not worthy of your respect then why are you together?

Kindness. Always treat your partner with kindness. Being as courteous when you’re alone as when you’re with others is the secret to relationships success.

Thoughtfulness. Your partner’s needs and desires should be at the top of your life. Remember doing the little things for him can be the most meaningful.

Honesty. The fastest way to ruin a relationship is to lie. They don’t even have to be lies about something important. If your partner feels they have been deceived the trust will erode and so will your future together.
Now, you can call these the secret to relationships success, but they’re all just the basic things that you need for a good relationship. The things everyone knows they need to do. Knowing them is the easy part; it’s how to express them in your relationship that causes most people problems.

Honesty is easy to show. Be open and honest in your communications with your man. Don’t do anything deceptive, so you won’t need to lie. Also don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, let your partner know and love the real you, especially if you feel sad, scared, vulnerable or lonely.

Showing kindness and respect can go hand in hand. Respect for your man means showing that you support him and believe in him. He needs to know that you’ll back up his plans and actions because you know what he’s capable of.
You may not believe that he can do everything he tries, and maybe you don’t think everything he does is right. You don’t have to, but you do need to let him know you respect his decision. This is where kindness comes in, when you don’t agree. Being able to show kindness, with your words and actions, when you disagree can easily be called a secret to relationships.

Thoughtfulness and love can also go hand in hand.

The easiest way to express love is to tell your man “I love you.” The words may be appreciated, but he may feel more love when you rub his shoulders, balance the checkbook or let him watch the game.

People have different needs when it comes to how they want to feel loved. You need to find out what your man believes is a sign that you love him. That’s the best way to make sure he feels loved. You’ll be giving him love the way he needs it. That’s being thoughtful. Taking the time to think about what he needs and doing something to make him happy.

By applying these things in your life, you’ll discover the secret to relationships. When you both have these basic needs met you’ll have a happy relationship.
Wishing you success in life and love,