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When men think of meeting single women, they often zero in on the initial approach and forget everything that comes afterward. It is hardly a surprise that most men dread rejection from women so much they end up not approaching any at all. By using the six tips in this article, the reader will find themselves filled with a new sense of confidence that will make their job dramatically easier.

True, nothing deflates your mojo more than a beautiful woman who turns you down flat. However, rejection really isn’t such a bad event when you think about it. Once you understand why women reject men, you can separate yourself from the crowd and dramatically improve your chances of success.
Here are some quick tips to short-circuit a woman’s rejection impulse and instantly make a memorable first impression.

Rule #1: Actively convey traits that women seek Believe it or not, most women are out there looking for the same thing: a man who is healthy, confident, sincere, reliable and stable. From the moment you first approach any woman, make sure your appearance, words and actions speak to these cues.
Notice there are two adjectives I did not include: rich and studly. Most women are not actively seeking these qualities. If you come across a woman who is%u2026run.

Rule #2: Act like a man Women want men who, well%u2026act like men. This means you’ve got to show some virility. You are virile when you show spirit, strength, vigor or power. Remember, those with power rarely feel the need to flaunt it or tell others how powerful they are. The key here is coming across as confident and secure in who you are.
Make sure your appearance, speech, and behavior convey these cues, or you’ll get pegged as a stereotypical”nice guy”and wind up relegated to the status of”friend.”The more relaxed, confident, and genuine you are, the more likely you will be to intoxicate her with your virility.
In other words, avoid trying to impress her, and just be yourself.

Rule #3: Respect women Stupid, overused and clichéd pick-up lines don’t work because they tend to expose you as a romantic fraud. Women have remarkably strong BS detectors, so don’t think you’ll get away with putting on an act and being someone you’re not.

If you want to approach a woman without poisoning your chances for success, just tell her she’s beautiful, why you think so, and ask if she’ll talk to you.

Rule #4: Sex is more than instant gratification Women are just as interested in sex as men – they just approach it differently. The key is not to seem to eager to get them in the sack. Women find this incredibly annoying, as it indicates you don’t take them seriously and have nothing to offer beyond a few cheap thrills. So here’s the bomb: forget about sex altogether during your first few dates.

That’s right, don’t mention sex in conversation unless she does, and then take a passive attitude toward it. Be sure to touch her, but only affectionately and not with the intent of turning her on. Not only will you make a fantastic impression, but she’ll end up wanting you more due to the simmering sexual tension.
Like a diamond, the less common you are, and the harder you are to sleep with, the more her desire will build until she finds you irresistible.

Rule #5: Looks are not everything You do not need the body of a Greek God to attract women. Just because men are attracted to the form of woman’s body doesn’t mean that a woman’s top priority is dating a supermodel.

Of course, good looks never hurt. But for women your appearance counts more (i. e., your grooming, attire and posturing).

Your appearance communicates who you really are because you have complete control over it. The better your appearance, the more self-respect others will think you have. Thus, your outfit, grooming, and posture carry more weight than the shape of your jaw or the breadth of your shoulders.

Make sure your appearance appeals to the broadest range of women. To accomplish this, clean yourself up and choose clothes that are fashionably neutral yet appealing. Also, the simple act of standing up straight and appearing relaxed will by itself move you up the”attractive”scale a few notches.

Rule #6: Your worst enemy is your own mouth Your mouth is a mad dog that’s best kept muzzled. Remember, just because a woman hasn’t rejected you doesn’t mean you’ve got her in the bag. You have a long way to go, my friend, and 99% of rejections after the initial approach occur because of what the man says.

Don’t flirt with disaster by discussing religion, politics or sex when first getting to know a woman. Don’t invite rejection by volunteering damaging or embarrassing information about yourself. Put your best foot forward and firmly establish your decent qualities before revealing the idiotic mistakes of your past. Be especially careful not to talk about your former girlfriends, love interests or conquests. Be careful with sarcasm and facetious humor.

People who don’t know you tend to take your statements literally. Avoid boring conversation topics. Often the best way to get a woman wrapped up and engaged in a great conversation is to simply ask questions and let her do the talking. Why not let her do the conversational legwork if that’s what she enjoys most?
Again, no man completely avoids rejection. But it’s worth mentioning that rejection isn’t always a bad thing.

Look at it this way: why on earth would you want a woman who doesn’t want you, or is downright rude? If you follow these guidelines and she still turns you down, it’s probably for the best. If nothing else, she’s brought you one step closer to finding the woman who’s trying to find you.

Remember, when a woman rejects you, it’s mostly her loss%u2026 she really doesn’t know what she’s missing! Best to spend your valuable time around women who appreciate you for you are.