Learn to Catch the Hints That Say He Does Not Want to Commit at All When one is in love it is easy to ignore all the signs that say he is never going to commit. Men generally are quite honest about their feeling on commitment but women tend to overlook those hoping the man in their life will come around and make a commitment. Look out for these signs to know that he will never commit.

He gives clear signs He may say that you are a beautiful woman who is kind and compassionate who would make a good wife to some lucky guy. See what he is saying, this lucky guy is definitely not him.
He is vague about himself He does not open up about his past and avoids any direct questions that you may ask him. He may not talk about you being a couple and never mentions future where you are together; clearly he does not see you in his future plans.

You don’t know who his friends are You may be dating for several months but you still have no idea who his friends are as he has not taken the initiative to introduce you to them. Men are eager to make their girlfriend known to their friends and family if they are serious about them; obviously you are not the one.

There is no talk about future The subject of marriage or commitment is always ignored and avoided. He is not comfortable whenever you talk about it and he either ignores it or changes the topic.

His family is not aware of you That you are the girl in his life is not known to his family simply because he does not think you are important enough. He is not serious about you and sees no reason to let his family meet you or know about you.

He is still in touch with his ex Is the guy is still in touch with his ex girl or wife and he prefers keeping it from you. Or blames his ex for the failed relationships in the past? He holds grudge against women in general and that’s the reason he sees you as a problem and not as a soul mate.

He says he is not ready to settle He may tell you directly that he is not ready to settle down in the near future, he may give excuse of not being settled financially to take care of both. Some women think of it as a challenge and try to change their view but forcing the issue is not the right approach especially when his mind is not into the idea of commitment.