A breakup can happen to anyone. If you’re in a relationship, no matter how good things seem to be, there’s a chance that one day you may find yourself getting dumped. Even though breakups are always a possibility, many people say they never see it coming.

There are usually warning signs of a breakup, if you’re looking for them. If you see these warning signs of a breakup in your relationship, it may be possible to keep yourself from getting dumped before it happens.

1.  Breakdown in Communication

You know the level of communication that is the norm for your relationship. For this sign, you can’t go by what other people say is common. Some men call or talk to girlfriends  a few times  every day and some men a few times a week. Whatever is your regular level of communication, if it’s stopped or lessened without reason, take notice.
Communication is important. Nevertheless, remember this is something to look at over time, don’t start worrying because he’s busy at work, or has something else going on that may be distracting him. However, if he stopped talking to you for no reason, he may be sending you a message.

2. Constant Criticism

Is your boyfriend criticizing you for everything? Not just about major things, but is he picking on the little things that you have done, even habits that you may have had all the time.
This can be a sign that he wants to distant himself from you. He may be trying to prepare himself for the breakup by reminding himself of the things he doesn’t like about you.

3. Starting Arguments

Fighting is a major sign of a troubled relationship and an easy to spot warning sign of a breakup. Is your boyfriend the argumentative type? If he is you’ll have to determine if he’s more confrontational than usual. If you and your boyfriend do not argue a lot, but you suddenly find you’re constantly arguing with each other, there may be a problem.

This is also something you need to look at over time; look at what’s going on in his life and see if that may be causing the problem. However, if there is no reason, and he constantly seems to want to pick a fight with you this may be a sign that you may be getting dumped soon.

4. Too Much Time Apart

It’s normal for a couple to spend time apart. In fact, having things that you do apart from each other can make your time together special. However, you don’t want to spend too much time apart.
When your boyfriend seems to be avoiding you and doesn’t seem to have time for you, this is a problem. Once again, look at what’s going on in his life. If there’s no reason for him not to make time for you, you’ll need to start wondering what he’s doing with his time.

5. Has He Changed?

In the beginning of a relationship or when we’re looking for someone to date, men will try to be at their best. So when you see your boyfriend suddenly change his looks drastically.
Is he going out of his way to look his best, especially at times  you’re not together, that’s a major warning sign that something’s going on. Now, it’s not that you’re man can’t do things to improve himself, but most people don’t do a complete makeover suddenly, without a reason.

While all of these signs of a breakup can be completely innocent in some situations, they are a usually a precursor to getting dumped. If you see these warning signs of a breakup take the time to make sure there aren’t situations at work or in his life, which may be causing it. If there is a reason, but things don’t stay the same after that situation is resolved, then you’re relationship is in trouble.

Don’t immediately jump to conclusions because he forgot to call you one day or picked up a few new clothes. You’re not looking for one incident; you want to see a pattern of this behavior over time, but don’t wait too long.

However, if you see these warning signs of a breakup and there’s no reason for his change in behavior, you need to decide if the relationship is worth saving.  If it’s worth saving start taking immediate action to save your relationship.
Wishing you success in life and love.