The best way to learn the tips and tricks of dating is by seeing them come to life before your eyes. Here are two films with excellent dating advice for the average guy.

Any guy can sweep any girl off her feet, he just needs the right broom.

The premise of this Will Smith movie is that any guy, if given the right opportunity, can sweep the woman of his dreams off her feet. Will Smith plays a character named Hitch, whose job is to help his clients (the men) get the women of their dreams. Dont be mistaken its not about scoring with as many women as you can, its about falling in love with a woman who seems to overlook you and learning how to successfully get her attention.
One of the first things that Hitch says early in the movie is that you cannot use what you do not have. If youre shy, you dont have to pretend otherwise. If youre not into books, then dont pretend that youve read Dostoevsky. See, whenever you pretend to be something else, you end up making a fool out of yourself. While you can learn to overcome your shyness and your other faults, dont expect to make this change all at once. Its best to focus on improving what you have, rather than trying to pull off being someone that youre not.

This movie has a treasure trove of dating advice, plus, its actually one of the few romantic comedies that even guys can enjoy. From dancing to kissing and proper dating etiquette, this movie is a must-see for those who are seriously looking to improve their dating skills.

The Tao of Steve

If you’re out with this girl and even THINKING about getting laid, you’re finished, coz women can smell an agenda like s*** on a shoe.

According to this movie, Steve is the prototypical cool American male. Based on the persona of Steve Mc Queen, this guy never tries to impress the girl, but gets her in the end anyway. The Tao of Steve has 3 rules:
Be desireless. When youre with the girl you like, dont think about getting into bed with her. Listen to what shes saying. Or else youll get your priorities mixed-up and shell know whats really going on inside your head.

Be excellent. Do something excellent and impressive in her presence. If youre good with pets, walk your neighbors dogs one Saturday. Find something that youre really talented at, and give her a chance to see it.
Be gone. Its important that you dont start coming on too strong. Sometimes you should choose your friends or your personal space over her. According to The Tao of Steve, we pursue that which retreats from us. Let her know that she only has once chance with you, and then youre gone. This is bound to raise your value in her eyes.