Is his sudden increased affection a sign that he’s cheating?

His Sex Drive Suddenly Decreases

If nothing major in his life has changed that would cause him a lot of stress, a sudden decrease in sex drive can signal that he’s cheating. He might be pulling away from you because he’s getting closer to another woman. He also simply might not need as much sex from you anymore because he’s getting it somewhere else.

He Becomes Emotionally Disconnected

If your man is cheating, he might begin to emotionally disconnect himself from you. He could be doing this out of the guilt he’s feeling, or he could be investing more emotionally in his side relationship. If you notice that he doesn’t talk to you the way he used to or seems distant, he could be cheating on you.

He Begins Carefully Guarding His Cell Phone

Usually in a monogamous relationship, a guy doesn’t worry about leaving his cell phone on the dresser while he showers, put his phone on silent when he’s with you, or care if you use his phone for something. If your man starts closely guarding his cell phone, turning it off around you, or decides to put a passcode on it, he’s probably trying to hide his communication with other women from you.

He Suddenly Begins Showering You with Affection/Gifts

While a man might withdraw when he’s cheating, he also might go over the top in trying to show you his affection for you. If he begins doing uncharacteristically nice things all the time or buying you more presents for no reason at all, he might be trying to make up for his lack of fidelity and assuage his own guilt.

He Starts Staying Late at Work/Going Away More Often

Lots of times when men are cheating, they use work as an excuse for why they’re away from home. If your man starts telling you that he’s staying late at work or going on business trips more often than he ever did before, and he didn’t recently get a promotion, he might be covering up his real whereabouts.

You Catch Him Lying About Little Things

Men who cheat usually develop a pattern of lying and manipulation. If he’s cheating, you might start catching him telling small lies. He could be losing track of his story, such when he tells you he’s at a friend’s house and later claims they were out playing pool, or he could simply now be in the habit of lying to you.

You Have a Gut Feeling

Women usually have great instincts, so don’t ignore yours. If you have a gut feeling that he’s cheating on you or lying to you, don’t ignore it. You might even begin to have dreams about it. Listen to your inner voice and investigate the possibility that he’s cheating.

Michelle Leigh is a self proclaimed relationship expert who loves to write for blogs on a variety of topics. She is always seeking practical solutions to avoid dating mistakes.

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